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March 14 2007

Season 6 of Angel now? An interview with Joss in the new Buffy and Angel magazine suggests it might not just be Buffy stories we see in printed. Link goes to Titan Magazines website - click on Buffy/Angel to read part of the Joss interview (spoilerish for Buffy season 8 btw).

Though the relevant Angel text isn't online at the Titan Magazine site, Joss is quoted as saying: "I am talking to Brian Lynch who wrote Spike: Asylum about doing a sort of season 6 of AtS - a canon, post-AtS story. " How cool would that be?

Nargh. Great link (and Brian Lynch is actually Pretty Good at his stuff), but when I first saw it I thought it meant Angel season 6 in live action form. Possibly because I'm drunk, possibly because I'm stupid: probably because of both.

Also, yes, if there's a story there (which I suspect there is), it's tres cool indeed.

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..starting with Angel holding up a bloody dragon head? Or more likely mounted on a wall next to a Serenity prop.

I'm in, although I can barely imagine a season 6 being worthwhile without Wesley.

(Temporary ghost Wesleys don't count.)
I was wondering if this was going to make it here, since I just saw this. Last night at Buffy at the Mission Theater (here in Portland), there were free copies of this issue of the magazine, as well as free Dark Horse posters for the Buffy comics.

I've written the opening to Season 6 in my head, and to friends...would be interesting to see if it has any relation to Joss's version!
How awesome would that be. Brian Lynch rocks. Spike: Asylum was a great read - he completely captured the characters and their way of speaking and acting, plus writing a fun story.

In one of his blogs, Brian hinted about an opportunity that wouldn't have happened if he hadn't written Asylum. At that time I was hoping it meant that he was going to be one of the writers for the Buffy series. However, it will be great to have him working on the Angel characters - he has Lorne and Spike down. Now that I think of it, Spike: Shadow Puppets takes place in Japan and one of the upcoming Buffy arcs also takes place in Japan. Hmmmmm.
Ditto Awkward Saw. If they bring back Wes, then I will totally jump on board.
Do it Brian, you know you want to. Please????
Oh man. This must occur. No choice. There'll be rending and all sorts if it doesn't (and I mean, like the space-time continuum style rending, not just clothes and stuff).

Of all the IDW writers so far Brian Lynch has just hit the nail so squarely with Spike that if this chance comes up he's gotta be a natural fit. One story though ?

(see, already with the greed but I want the same treatment of AtS as Buffy's getting. Only, 'Not Fade Away' was so so brilliant I also sort of don't. Oops, reckon I may have accidentally rended - rent ? - something already)
I agree with Awkward Saw.
First BtVS S8 #1, now this. A girl can't take this much excitement in one day. Please oh please let this be true. The cancellation of Angel still makes me gnash my teeth. It was narrativus interruptus and as such was wrong-wrong-wrong (and not in a way that makes me not want to be right.)

How recent are the interviews that are published in the magazines, I wonder?

Must check out Spike: Asylum. Pronto.
Still in very early stages. But who's psyched? I am psyched.

I'm just thrilled Mr. Whedon liked ASYLUM.
"Go Brian, Go Brian, Go Brian!"

Yay, brilliant news!!
Something tells me that IDW didn't want this to get out until the
I dunno, straw poll guys, anyone else psyched ? ... Riiight, so you can actually be killed by straw ...

By 'early stages' do you mean of creation or of arrangement Brian ? In other words is it a pretty sure thing ? Cos then, yeah, psyched is the word (after Grease obviously).

(not asking you to spill any confidential beans or anything and also don't mean to put you on the spot)
I'm psyched ... but (whine) I can't read the entry ... says it's protected.
As I've said too often, I'm now a casual viewer, well, reader now, no longer an obssessed fan , so all I can say anymore is, "Yeah, it'd be kinda interesting."
I love the way Angel ended, fighting the good fight and all. Found it very inspiring and emotionally complete. And, I love the many various storylines I've created in my head for what happens next.

Not that I'm gonna try and stop a Season 6, no way no how. Bring it on! Now! Enough with my own crazy ideas.
resa - I am an LJ member so it is unreadable for me too - friends only, I suspect. How can we speculate on the content of the link if no-one can read it? Unless you're one of shapinglight's friends, that is?

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Now this is a comic line I might actually be interested in. I hope they can work something out.
Someone might want to add Brian's "Still in very early stages. But who's psyched? I am psyched." comment into the main body of the post somewhere, maybe.
Oh, my. I think my mind was just blown away, what little remains of it anyway.

Please Buddha, bring me an AtS S6!!! Squeeeeee!!!
They must have changed it - I'm not a LJ member, and I read this link earlier...
I'm looking forward to this because it has to do with status quo and continuity. i stopped collecting IDW's Angel comics after the "Old Friends" mini-series, because it was getting boring. Yeah it was cool seeing all the characters in the comics following the ending of the TV show, but nothing was happening. Both mini-series were just the characters running around, beating up some bad guys and running around some more. no character developments, progressing storlines, status quo changes etc. Having a canon Season 6 will hopefully put a change to that, if its going to be influenced by Joss, which will make me buy the IDW comics again (plus IDW charges a lot of money for each ind. issue)

The Comic Book Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer
You took the words right off of my keyboard, buffycomics.
The link was there earlier, but now it is gone. I can't blame the LJ user for friend locking it.
Neither do I. So I've changed the link to the Titan Magazines website which has part of the Joss interview online. I would directly link to the Buffy/Angel magazine page but it has a weird timeout error think after a while.
OMG Brian Lynch! I am SO psyched! And along with AwkwardSaw, foreverwes, and ProphecyGirl16 I am longing for Wesley to be raised from the dead. I always thought it was a foregone-conclusion that his control freak Father would turn his lifeless corpse into some kind of zombie. After all, where would young Wes have gotten a book on raising the dead bird back to life if not from his Father's library? Please please please... bring Wesley back to me!
PS Thank you for the new link, Simon.

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This is great news for all the Angel fans who've been left wondering for so long what happened after NFA. Even though Joss won't be writing it himself based on Brian Lynch's work on Spike Asylum it will still be great.
Buffy magazine link is back up, Simon.

If it's in early stages people should bear in mind it might take some time to appear, if at all. (Buffy season 8 comics date back to, what, 2004 for the first talk online about them?). But the wait just makes things sweeter in my world. I am Kevin, tease love-er.

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buffycomics and Daburcor, give Spike: Asylum a try. It's great. Definitely not boring. Plenty of character development, intriguing new characters, and lots of action. I haven't heard of one person who didn't like the series. Pick it up when IDW releases the TPB. Besides, our very own Saje makes an appearance - evil, true, but not to be missed.

Brian, I'm totally psyched. Come by and give us the scoop when you can. We'll be waiting.

Today is a GOOD day.
It would be great to see Angel's story continue. I wonder what direction they would go in with him. And like others have said...Wes please!
Wow, if this happens it might just be some of the bestest news ever! I love BtVS and am ecstatic it is returning in comic-form, but AtS was taken down in it's prime by a business decision. I can't tell if Joss is talking about the possibility of a one-off mini-series or a long-running series built up of arcs written by top writers and overseen by the dude himself in the same way that Dark Horse is treating BtVS to. I wonder if this continuation would be "Angel", or if the torch would pass to Spike to lead? The opportunity to pick up canon installments of both Buffy and another canon spinoff might be more greatness than I would know how to deal with :D

I stopped collecting IDW's Angel comics after the "Old Friends" mini-series, because it was getting boring..l

I agree IDW intially got off to a shaky start, but feel they have completely redeemed themselves since then. I do personally think "The Curse" and "Old Friends" did not need five issues each, and I feel both stories were weakened by the neccessity to be ambiguous over post-NFA events. Back at that time it seemed like such information should have come out in potentially upcoming TV/DVD movies. I worry that these initial arcs put people off, which would be a real shame because since then the comics have gone from strength to strength and I am really impressed with IDW's efforts to make the Angel line strong. "Spike" Collection is fun, and I strongly reccommend people try Peter David's "Spike Vs Dracula", and IMO the "Angel: Spolight" Collection is worth the price for David's Illyria one-shot. And then more recently the enjoyable "Masks", and the great series "Asylum", "Auld Lang Syne" and upcoming Shadow Puppets sounds really cool.

If it's in early stages people should bear in mind it might take some time to appear, if at all. (Buffy season 8 comics date back to, what, 2004 for the first talk online about them?).

Was this because of Whedon's commitments to many other projects? Maybe the Angel comics would arrive quicker if other writers such as Brian Lynch were kicking off the earlier arcs.
buffycomics is right. The Curse and Old Friends were pointless and boring. Like walking on a treadmill. However since I'm a Spike fan I still gave the Spikecentric comics a shot and they were great. I especially enjoyed Spike vs. Dracula and Spike:Asylum. If I only had The Curse and Old Friends to go by I would have never bought another comic.
Whoa. Be still my heart. I'm so with Saje and the greed.
Woo-Hoo! Fireworks party in my head! I watch an hour of Angel nearly every weekday morning on TNT before work and I think the show is on its 2nd or 3rd complete run on that network. This is how I make do without a DVD set to turn to. And now, maybe, perhaps, hopefully, wistfully, indubitably, I'll see the continuation of some of the gang's story (can there be flashbacks for the dearly departed?).

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Since I'm now a person who buys comics...that would be GREAT!!
I would love to see the further and future adventures of the Fang Gang.

Arabchick, I've sort of become a person who reads comics, too.
I'm so torn on the idea of more angel.
I love Angel and wish it hadn't ended, but I loved the ending so much. Its still my favorite finale ever.
I gotta say, I'd love an Angel season 6, but I do have one addendum. David Greenwalt would have to be involved somehow. I think that in a lot of ways, Angel was his show as much as it was the big guy's. Only fair to include him too.
Too bad IDW books are more expensive than other publishers. And that it won't be my made-up version of the season six premiere (I'd bet). And that Wesley won't be there (I'd bet). And that it won't be for a very, very long time before we see this...
On a side note, I hope Vi is in Season Eight (maybe she's in episode one, I haven't gotten my hands on one yet) but I just saw the actress on a cellular commercial and it actually reminded me that she was my favorite potential to make it out of the Hellmouth.
CaptainB, Vi was my favorite Potential, too.
CaptainB, Loved Vi also. I'm hoping she shows up in Season 8.

In defense of IDW's prices - their books (i)are only $1.00 more than most single issues ($3.99 vs. $2.99), (ii) are on high quality paper, and (iii) have no ads interrupting the story's flow. It's such a pleasure to read their books.
I'm psyched too, Brian!

Loved your Spike:Asylum and am looking forward eagerly to your Shadow Puppets. Now a possible Angel season 6...definitely psyched.
Buffy sold out in San Antonio!!!
Got my 3 copies...
Gave them to my 8 and 11 year old nieces...

More Angel... good...

And if Brian is taking requests, Wes stays dead and gone but bring back Fred.
I guess I shouldn't complain about $3.99 when I sometimes give Marvel my $4.99 for a glorified reprint or advertisement (looking at you Spider-man Family, Civil War: the Return, the Initiative one-shot, and on, and on...) I"m such a sucker.
Cool News Indeed!

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As much as I adore the way the show ended (I think "Not Fade Away" was the perfect finale for the show), bring on the comics!

Just not til I have a little more cashy money in my pocket though. ;)
Hey guys, I did the interview with Joss and he specifically mentions Vi in the feature. (Ha, I'm a pathetic tease :)
Brian....this is excellent news!!! I am so looking forward to Angel Season 6 especially with you at the helm. All your Spike comics have been incredible...but then anything Spike related is awesome to me. Just to know that we will have more of him to enjoy makes me very, very happy. You must have really impressed Joss! Way to go !!!!!!
Jumping on board the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" train over this news. I have really enjoyed Brian's take on Spike in Asylum, and I think he would do a great job with the Fang Gang - glad to see that Joss is expanding his return to this 'verse to include Angel and company, beyond the stuff with Dark Horse on Buffy Season 8 (which I am about to read issue one of today ::doing the happy dance::)
Buffy: Season Eight, Serenity: Better Days, Angel: Season Six. I've never been so freakin' giddy in my entire life(not counting being born again, of course).

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