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March 14 2007

Firefly love at DC Comics. Someone over at posted a picture from the Superman/Batman #32 comic. In it Jimmy Olsen is wearing an homage to Firefly.

Not to be cantankerous, heh, but here is the guide on making a front-page post. This is the 2nd time today someone's posted an FPP without a linked title.
Hey Bix

Those posts were mine.. you were NOT being cantankerous.. I followed those instructions but the link doesn't work.. so I am not sure HOW I am failing...

I will quit posting til I get it, cus clearly I am missing something...


[ edited by Chindi on 2007-03-15 01:02 ]
I've tidied it up so it's ok now. BTW we don't sign our posts here, your username at the bottom of your comments takes care of that for you.
Okay, can I just say how cool the pic of Jimmy wearing a Jayne shirt is?! I'm feeling the love.
I wonder if FOX legal is going to go after Jimmy Olsen.
Jimmy olsen's blue sun. See I can Spin Doctors references in anywhere.
I'm following the link but I'm not seeing a picture.
That's just too cool. Someone at DC is obviously a Browncoat.

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