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March 14 2007

(SPOILER) Matt Roush says Bones is his favorite procedural. Matt Roush talks about why Bones is his favorite 'procedural'. Mild spoilers for tonight's "don't miss" new episode.

Stephen Fry is a gem as Seeley's therapist. And David is a gem as a manly man doing his best to avoid being therapied. I love this show! It's the best at combining serious crime solving stuff with the lighter moments. Not as good a Scooby gang as Buffy's, but the best to be found today.

And just because Bones writes books doesn't mean she uses pop culture references in them, so I don't think it's that odd that Bones is clueless sometimes. Plus, we wouldn't have Emily Deschanel's perfectly rendered blank stare which is priceless.
I'd put Bones as my second favourite procedural after House.
Have to go with Criminal Minds, if you can classify it as a "procedural". At any rate, I think it's the best show on broadcast network right now. Bones just isn't my cuppa, too many others before have IMO done it better. No offense to DB fans.
It's nice to see a TV critic that gave a show with potential the time to develop. The chemistry of Boreanaz & Deschanel, coupled with witty dialogue has made this a fun show to watch. The ensemble cast and guest stars have brought the clever writing to life. It's early renewal for a third season is well deserved. "Bones" is not only my favorite procedural, but my favorite show.
I thinks it's fun that they have Temp as the real person and Kathy as the fictional one in the books. But please reduce the amount of aphrodisiac in the water at the Jefferson, everyone who works or visits there ends up jumping one of their co-workers BONES.
I would rank his #2 (The Closer) as #1 and Bones as #2. Just because I'm a curmudgeon. Hence the House love too.

It still bugs me that Tempe, a supposed science nerd, wears so much makeup and jewellery. The females I know (me included) that are technical/scientific don't have the interest or time for the girly stuff. We are more like Ellie (Jodie Foster) in "Contact" - our clothes and hair are clean so what's the problem. But we can, and do, dress up for special occasions. Hence, the "really great dress". If you haven't already - watch this movie!!

Yeah, I know its TV and not real life. Me being a curmudgeon again.
Redfern ... I thought your comment about the way scientists dress was interesting. A friend, who happens to be a scientist. makes a point of dressing up at work, because she said when she's out in the field she always feels so grungy. I guess there are exceptions to every rule. Kathy Reichs always looks so well dressed. I wonder if under her lab coat she was in jeans and a T-shirt. LOL
Kizzy - I was talking about the one's I know rather than all female scientists.
I guess I'm guilty of stereotyping too! For me, being a "girl" takes too much energy. I do love (and wear) nice clothes - I just can't be bothered with makeup and hair styling and clothes that need constant fussing with.
Redfern - Oh, believe me I can understand where you're coming from and BTW our male scientist in the family is not exactly wearing ties to work. LOL

I do have to say I like all the different ways Booth dresses for work though. :):):)

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