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March 15 2007

Big shocker - Buffy #1 sells out. Dark Horse's MySpace blog seems rather celebratory: "Hey everybody, it's late Wednesday night here at the offices, and we're listening to Tom Waits and toasting Joss Whedon, Georges Jeanty, Jo Chen, and the whole Buffy crew. 100,000 copies of Buffy #1 blew out of the warehouses today, more than 25% above what we had for orders."

So very very awesome.

I know that I bought two copies myself! ;-)

(Well, okay, I had my very dear dad pick them up for me as I had a prior engagement at the same time the comics shop opened. So props to Dad.)
Thought I'd add a post for people to discuss the sales, in case we wanted to talk about it and avoid the spoilers from the discussion thread.
I hope I am going to be able to get it after work! (and yes, thanks - spoiler-free thread much appreciated!)
Well, assuming they're also actually leaving the shelves (leaving the warehouse just means shops have ordered them, not necessarily that punters are buying them) then I smell a tiny whiff of 're-print' on the air. How frickin' awesome would that be ?

May have to negotiate leaving work early to pick it up tonight (I haven't reserved one and i'm starting to worry a bit ;).
I picked up my 2 yesterday and went to the shelves to get two more only to be told that there were no more. This despite a much bigger order than usual. Saje, you might want to call ahead and have one set aside for you, if it isn't already too late.
It came out on sale in the Uk today. I managed to get my copy before they'd even had time to put them on the shelves.
There was a delay in the shipment getting to Australia so I still haven't picked mine up. I did however add a copy to my order for my boyfriend. Which I think might have been a good idea. I hope the empty warehouse translates into empty store shelves.
What's it say about me that I'm not only thrilled that #1 has sold out but that the gravelly tones of Tom Waits are part of the celebration? I just love it when two passions come together. Kinda like chocolate and peanut butter.
If this were a sane world, such sales would tell the "Powers That Be" something about Buffy's popularity. We'd soon see things like movies based on popular Whedon characters, spin-offs about Spike, Faith, Willow and Tara (my fave), and other such stuff. Joss would be the happiest producer of quality storytellin' on the planet.

In a sane world...

Instead, we'll get more so-called reality shows, more special-effects-no-story movies, more of the same tired sludge the networks and Hollywood are good at producing. Such a waste of time.

Makes me real glad I own all the Whedon series on DVD, and will one day own all his Buffy comics. I, like you guys, appreciate good story tellin', and Joss-and-friends are masters at it.

Long live the Whedon legend!

(Okay, that was a bit over the top...)
Long live Joss' foot ? Not sure I ... oh, the other legend.

Saje, you might want to call ahead and have one set aside for you, if it isn't already too late.

Well, as whosflyingthisthing mentions, it's only out here today Lioness and it's not a school holiday and i'm lucky enough that once I get into town there're 3 comics shops within walking distance, one of them a major chain that'll probably stock numerous copies so (fingers crossed) I should be OK. Famous last words probably ;).

Also, I actually read the linked article properly this time (where it says about 'going back to print', d'oh !) so more than a whiff, frickin' reeks of 're-print'. And it is, indeed, the frickinest awesomest.
This is great news!

Is it weird that I'm turned on.... I mean ... uhhh!

I'll be in my bunk.
I walked in to my local comic shop last night just as the guys working there were discussing someone else having just been there looking for Buffy. ;) So I suspect it was selling well, although there were still some other copies on the shelves. I did lighten some other shelves though, for the first time in a long long time. I'm excited to hear the warehouses and some shops ran out. Awesome!
I picked up my 2 yesterday and went to the shelves to get two more only to be told that there were no more.

Where did you go in Toronto that you were able to get 2 Lioness?

A friend and I usually share the comic book run, and it was her turn yesterday. She was told one to a customer only, so I'm Buffyless. :-(
Excellent... I'm going to pick up the copy (that better be) on hold for me today. Having worked at a comic book store before, I never go to pick up my stuff on Wednesday afternoons :p
At about 11:00 a.m. yesterday at my local store, I got the last one on the shelf with the Buffy fighting the monster cover, and it looked like they'd already sold about half of what they put up, an hour open. I bet if I went back they'd still have it stocked, though. They savvy Whedonverse.
I'm so happy! I actually went to two stores after work yesterday, the first was sold out. The second had the variant cover so I bought two. I also signed up to get the next issues of the new Runaways and Astonishing pulled for me, so I'm sure the comic books stores are loving Joss and crew right now.
I am not at all surprised, and I only hope that my subscription arrives quickly!
I live in Greece and the issue won't be here for at least 10 days, but I'm going to London tomorrow and hoped I'd buy a copy from Forbidden Planet, but I'm afraid there won't be any left, dammit! Hey, you! All of you! Stop buying Buffy!!
My copy doesn't get to me from TFAW until next Tuesday (if then). I am not a happy camper, but happy for all of you who are cradling #1 in your hands right now ... Yesssss, my precioussss.
Mine come through a friend and coworker. But he had car trouble yesterday. So I actually have no idea when I will read this, heh.
*sigh* went yesterday to get mine but their shipment came late and they hadn't even been invantoried (or whatever), so I wasn't allowed to buy one. If they sell out before I have a chance to go back.....I might just build my own private hellmouth underneath the shop. ;)

However, sounds like you guys are loving it, and it'll be worth the wait. :D
My comic shop didn't have my copy in my folder (not up to speed with the new title, I guess) so I went to the shelves and got the last copy. Close call. Loved the issue, btw.
I bought three total. Regular cover for a friend and then a regular and variant for me.

My shop had plenty left on a table and near the front of the store. But I have a feeling that they'll be rather depleted when I make my next trip...
can anyone point me in the direction of the link to the "why i love buffy" contest on that myspace page? the deadline may have passed, but if not i'd appreciate the help...i can't seem to find it.

Sigh.... I didn't get a copy. I rushed over to my local comics store right after work yesterday, but they were already sold out. I have a pre-order in at TFAW (placed it several months ago), but who knows when that'll ship?
yamsham The deadline, unfortunately, passed at midnight pacific time on the 14th (well, 15th, I guess).
We are watching season six right now and just the thought of having a NEW Buffy in my hands by the end of the day makes me just about as happy as my B3 experience. Thank-you Joss.
I managed to get both covers from my LCS as they ordered about the same number of copies of Buffy #1 as they do of the top sellers from Marvel/DC.
I had my copy on order since it was announced. And the constant bugging of my dealer got me a bonus - both covers! But I am still amazed at the number of dealers that didn't order near enough copies. A friend of mine checked with a shop near her two weeks ago and was told they would have lots available. Turns out they only ordered enough for the files! I'm just a consumer, but I know what's hot - why don't they?
Got my variant cover copy yesterday. Couldn't find it at my prefered store, but I went next door to the larger chain store and they had plenty. Might go back for the non-variant cover today.

While I was at it, I picked up the trade book editions of The Exterminators and I'm loving that. Have to pick up more Vertigo titles, especially the Brian K Vaughn stuff.
My (lame) tale of woe:

Dreading walking into a comic shop, I decided to stop on the way to my appointment with one of those doctors that one also dreads going to. So I left work early, detoured into a nasty traffic jam I could have otherwise avoided and walked into the only comic store I know of with that, "I am perfectly at ease. I fit right in. I do this all the time and know exactly what I want." that pegged me as just the opposite on all counts.

When the clerk said "Can I help you?" I casually said, "Yeah. Have you got Buffy, Season 8?" in what suddenly seemed to be an unnecessarily loud voice. "We should have more in on Friday. Our shipment was damaged." was the reply. So no Buffy for me, extra special amounts of avoidable traffic as I continued to my always fun doctor's appointment and a second chance to walk into a comic store to practice my oh so casual attitude looming tomorrow.

At least the comics guy didn't smirk or anything. He actually seemed nice in a businesslike sort of way. I'm just wondering if they will actually get more tomorrow.

I'd ask for sympathy but even in the context of everything else going on in my own life this is not worthy. ;-)

I'm really glad this is selling so well, though.
I've read one blog where someone mentioned he went to 6 different comic book stores in Toronto and still ended up Buffyless. However, many of the stores had reordered it and were going to get some more next week. I imagine it was the reorders took Dark Horse's reserves of the issue causing them to sell out of the issue. So anyone who doesn't have a copy, ask your store if they reordered in time as they might have copies with next week's shipment of comics.

I ended up going out to two stores myself last night a bit after 8, only to discover that both stores close at 8 pm! D'oh! So I will have to try to pick up my copy today, if there's still any copies left.
Ruadh, I go to Comics and More and had asked the owner to pull 2 for me. Since he also sets aside X-Men and Runaways for me, he was glad to do so.
Well, it seems TFAW had some sort of problem. They say it will be shipped next week. I decided to look at the bright least it won't be as long of a wait between issues #1 & #2 ...I hope!
I am not a comic book reader, but of course I bought -- and just finished reading -- The Long Way Home. With no trouble at all, the book wiped out my fears that I wouldn't like the drawings (I did), that I wouldn't "get" the comic-book idiom for storytelling (I got it, and I liked it), and, most of all, that I wouldn't respond to the pen-and-ink versions of the characters I have only known through the performances of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nick Brendon, etc. The characters were true to their TV counterparts, although there was one series of panels in which Buffy is alone with her emotions and thoughts on the castle terrace that made me really yearn to see what SMG would have done with that material.
thanks for the info, k8!
Yay! Fun!

I imagine the whole thing as an episode, with the credits after the first scene is resolved, and the first ad break at the end of the issue.
I've updated the subject line with news of when the reprinted issue is expected to be released (March 28th!).
Eegads! All this talk of places selling out so quickly has me worried(yet gleeful)- won't be able to go back to try and get it (for a THIRD time!) til tomorrow. :S
When the clerk said "Can I help you?" I casually said, "Yeah. Have you got Buffy, Season 8?" in what suddenly seemed to be an unnecessarily loud voice. "We should have more in on Friday. Our shipment was damaged." was the reply. So no Buffy for me, extra special amounts of avoidable traffic as I continued to my always fun doctor's appointment and a second chance to walk into a comic store to practice my oh so casual attitude looming tomorrow.

[Cut to alley behind the store, hear voices coming from a black van with a Death Star painted on the side]

Jonathon: I told you not to pack the Supersoaker Max-D next to the Invisiray 6.0!

Andrew: But what if that witch lady showed up to protect the new Buffy comics? Water is the classic kryptonite for witches, you know.

Warren: Guys, we need to get out of here. Where did you put the keys?

Jonathon: Hey! Stop touching my magic bone!
I'm far from surprised that it sold out.With all the hype surrounding it,I would of been shocked if it didn't sell out.
I ran to a store right after I got out of school yesterday. The store had a big display of Joss Whedon stuff and I couldn't find the Buffy comic anywhere, so I had to ask the guy at the desk for help. It turned out that the Buffy comics were RIGHT in the middle of the shelf and I hadn't recognized ther alternate cover...I felt so dumb!
I see the reprinting got posted as a seperate news item so I'll re-amend the subject line.
I got my copies (blush) in London's Forbidden Planet. I think I may have picked up the last variant cover and there were only a few of the others left. It is number one in their chart and I saw at least two other people buying copies. I haven't actually read it yet...
I hope some copies end up in Sweden! :)
OK. I just went into a comic shop just after their delivery to make sure I got my copy. I haven't done that since the 60's !
I picked up 500,000.
To bad, suckers.

Whew. Glad they held those for me.
Stupid TFAW! *cries*
Got mine (bought the variant too). w00t ! The shop still had quite a few left (fewer of the Jeanty variant but they may have ordered fewer). Also, the guy there mentioned that they'd had 3 people buying it so far (bear in mind, only out today in the UK) that had never bought a comic before.

I'm now picturing one of those time-lapse maps going red like they had in 'Outbreak'. It's spreading ;).
Interestingly, all my local shop seemed to have was the Jeanty variant, about 10-15 copies left around 4:30 yesterday. I was slightly gleeful. :D
I bought my friend wants one but refuses to go to a comic book store, so I hope I can get ahold of another one.
I haven't bought a comic since I was about 13 (and that was a good few decades ago), and the idea of a Buffy comic didn't appeal to me. But now I'm feeling tempted to wander down to my local Forbidden Planet today. Just to look and see if they've got it, mind you. Not to actually buy a comic. Oh no, of course not.

Really, not...
I bought it yesterday - first time I've ever bought a comic.
Got mine too. It's wonderful having Buffy back.
I'm also not surprised that Buffy sold out. This has been a long time coming and the public want their Buffy!
Can we discuss the plot of the comic in this thread? Or would that be considered a spoiler for anyone who hasn't got their hands on it yet?
cheryl, the plot is being discussed on the preceeding thread, along with favourite lines.

Good look to all those still trying to get their hands on a copy. It's worth it!!!

newcj, I'd do one of those smilely things with punctuation but they confuse me, so feel free to just imagine a supportive smile!

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