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March 15 2007

(SPOILER) Final Variant Buffy Season 8 #2 cover. We've seen the pencils, but Dark Horse just put up the final version of Georges's cover.

This REALLY needs to be labeled as a spoiler!! I have read the comic, but some people haven't.
Sorry! I did at first, but then I thought people had read it, so I took off, not thinking some people haven't read it.
Thanks! I know that if I read the webpage first, it would ruin the book for me....
I passed on #1, but I might not have to think twice about getting #2 variant. Not just cause it's a nice image, but honestly? I have a crush on yellow.
Beautiful, man. Beautiful.
I'm not loving the variant cover. Not to say it isn't good work, just not my cup of tea. I really liked the original Xander & Buffy cover though.
I'm just curious how this happens since the previous variant cover actually played into issue. I'm assuming the same thing happens here but am curious about the context (though of course I'm gonna guess mind-control over spontaneous zombie-osity of the characters).

I really don't like the way these solicits for Buffy are worded though, I'm curious who does it. While on one level they do seem to use Buffy-esque phrases or word choices, it sort of comes across as too earnest parody. Maybe since whenever the show resorted to lots of expository dialogue, as these things must do, then it's never quite as thick. (In terms of information or style.)
Hmmmm...nice...but I think I kind of like the one I saw over at a little more. What would really make it slamming would be to have all of the other Scoobies (and some baddies) pictured behind her, sort of like they're behind a scrim.
I can understand them going with the variant, though. It's got more "action" happening.
Interesting. But I like Jo Chen's covers so much I'm really not tempted to buy the variants.
Ditto. Jo Chen's covers are gorgeous.
Likey dat. Small bone to pick with the first cover, tho'.

Think B would ever be caught dead wearing a tank emblazoned with her name and her calling?

Talk about 'What Not To Wear'...
Think B would ever be caught dead wearing a tank emblazoned with her name and her calling?

Does B have enough of a sense of humour that she would make, or have such a tank made, for herself?
: )

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