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March 16 2007

Happy Birthday, Alan Tudyk! Happy 36th to the best space pilot/singing knight of the Round Table/pirate/robot/squire/gay German rehab patient ever to star in "Prelude to a Kiss" on Broadway!

Happy Birthday, Alan! I hope you'll have the best day ever.
Nice tags, billz. Happy birthday Alan!
Wash is my co-pilot!

Happy birthday Alan!!
Happy Burfday Alan!!
We love ya!
Happy Birthday Alan! Keep soarin'
Look at my package! Happy Birthday, gay German rehab guy!
Happy birthday Alan, and many more. And if you go out on the town tonight be careful who you threaten to fong ;).

(close shave, BTW. His mum must've been very 'ware the Ides of March ;)
Happy Birthday Alan! Thanks for all the great work so far.
Many Happy Returns Alan!

I hope you have a great day.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR.. well it is for you! Hope it's a good one.
Happy Birthday, Alan! I hope you have an awesome day!
Many happy birthday wishes to our favourite Texan...except for Summer, that is;D
Best wishes for a very shiny birthday.
Alan, Alan, Alan. I hope your family and friends got you toys (I heard you play X-Box) a pony, toys, a plastic rocket, toys, booze, good food, toys, etc. etc. Of course, you're performing tonight it being Friday, so enjoy afterwards. I hope this play leads to more and bigger and shinier (hmmm, guest-starring role on Drive?). You deserve it.
Hey, twin billz, you didn't mention that he played a man of God! I loves me some Arrested Development, I tell ya.

Happy birthday, our (dearly, fictionally departed) leaf on the wind!
Happy birthday!! Keep rocking my (and the rest of the world) socks off! And y'know, party it up today!
Happy Birthday to the boy who would be Wash.
Happy birthday, AT.
Oh, of course, the Reverend Veal! UnpluggedCrazy, good call! And thanks for the tag love, Lioness. Happy birthday, Alan, and congratulations on your good reviews on Broadway! ;-)

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