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March 17 2007

New England Browncoats present a Big Damn Shindig with the Bedlam Bards. and local Browncoat musicians on April 28 in the Concord, NH area.

The shindig will run from 1pm until ??? while the concert will run from about 2pm until 6pm.

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Hope to make this one!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope to see lots of Northeast Browncoats there!!! Don't forget to RSVP :-)

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Couple o' quick notes - please add a period at the end of link titles and please do not sign your posts. Thanks! :)

p.s - Yefa, do you have any affiliation with the NE Browncoats?
This sounds great. If you don't mind my asking, how did you afford to bring the Bards up from Texas?
zeitgeist-I'm one of over 400 NE Browncoats. I'm not a list admin or organizer of this shindig.
Lioness-Donations are being requested at the shindig to reimburse the Bards for their travel expenses. The Bards will also be selling merch at the shindig.
Getting them to NH is also part of an east coast tour the Bards are finally able to do..they have been wanting to for awhile. I'm sure there is a list of places they'll be if you check their site. I believe it is just
Just went to their site and the link to the tour details seems to be broken.
For the bards, I got tour stuff on this link. and then by clicking on individual headers, but the more internal links were down. Looks like Arlington TX scored with them playing at the Can't Stop the Serenity event on 6/23!

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