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March 17 2007

Firefly Music Book is available. I'm a bit late posting about it, but Greg Edmonson's book of Firefly Sheet Music has been released earlier than expected. If you know anyone who plays piano, or would like a truly unique Firefly Collectible, well.... I'm just sayin'....

I don't think you are late. I just checked a while ago and I think it was still on pre-order.

Just in time for a birthday present for a piano playing Firefly/Serenity fan relative. Whoo-hoo!!

And look you get free shipping if you order Firefly: The Official Companion: Volume Two by Joss Whedon today.

The Companion book is supposed to be released May 8, 2007 but remember how some venues got it early. I've got one ordered from Barnes and Noble Store, one from Books-A-Million. Need a third. Christmas presents etc. I'll keep the one that gets to me first.

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I'm about to post pics of it at 40 pages, 12 songs, all scored for piano solo. No extras, but music books rarely have them.
This can be used to recruit. Even if you don't play, you could buy one for a friend, library or anyplace that has a piano/guitar where people play. Hmmm, like a music store piano could play Firefly music as people walk buy. Hey, don't I know that tune. Or what is that cool music from? A TV show? Never heard of it. Nice spaceship on the cover. Isn't that Nathan Fillion from Drive/Waitress etc? Maybe I'll check it out. There is a movie too??
Thanks for the review and pics, looking forward to getting it. In case you missed it, you might want to mention our interview with him in the latest FFT, he discusses the sheet music a bit.
Anyone planning to see Greg at a Con or other Fan-related function would be well-served to have this Book for Autographs.

-And I was a bit late posting about it, because I got my copy about 4 days ago. My compliments to Anonymous1 for his suggestions for using the book as a marketing tool. :)

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TDBrown wrote March 18, 03:45 CET

My compliments to Anonymous1 for his suggestions for using the book as a marketing tool. :)

Her. Although ya can't tell by my name. :) Thanks for the compliment.

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*sigh* I hovered over the word "his" for almost a full minute, A1, because I couldn't remember. Sorry; my bad. :) The compliment was sincere. You were the first person to ever reply to me on, and the first to PM me... long, long ago.
TDBrown, it is okay. I probably shouldn't have even admitted it being anonymous and all. I still remember gossi's response when somebody posted about him as a her. Something about man parts but more explicit.
This is fantastic! Thanks for the information!

I'm personally starting to get back into playing piano. I played for a few years, and I currently have been playing clarinet for about 6 and a half years, so sheet music isn't new to me. From what I've seen from the shiny pictures (thanks A1!!!), it looks at about what my level for piano is right now, since I've started to play it again.

I'll have to get it. Shiny incentive for learning to play. ;)
Thanks for the pictures and review - and links, C.A. I have a piano and even play sometimes and own the OMWF book. I love Greg's music and will be getting this as soon as I can.
Oh, I would love to hear this music played somewhere but I don't know anyone who plays the piano.

Hmm, anyone going on the Browncoat Cruise in Dec know how to play? The cruiseline must have a piano on board....

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