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March 17 2007

'I Think I Love My Wife' starring Gina Torres opens in theatres this weekend. Overall reviews give this comedy that stars Chris Rock a "C" from critics and movie goers alike.

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Does he know who she is? Does he know what she can do? What kind of masochist would even consider cheating on Zo... Gina Torres?

"Have you ever been with a warrior woman?"
From the trailer I saw last weekend at the movies, it doesn't look very appealing. Or maybe I just don't find potential infidelity all that funny.
Ehh. It looks like a played-out version of his standup (which I love). Until he learns more than three expressions, I'm not interested.
The reviews I've seen say the movie's crappy. As far as I've seen Chris Rock has done all the press and said nothing about his co-stars. Which is probably just as well for GT. I'm guessing this was a paycheck/keep working gig for her.
Gina's done a few talk shows for it, dreamlogic. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 19% positive from about 90 reviews, and it took $1.9m opening day. I can't imagine it cost too much to make so it should be a financial success.
Production Budget for the film $14,000,000

I don't think that an opening on 1.7 million bodes well for an opening day. Opening on over 1700 screens and does not even break $1000 per screen.

Should be at the $1 cinemas next week and DVD the following week.

Should be at the $1 cinemas next week and DVD the following week.

Lol, not quite. Nearly all movies have two week 'deals', where theatres can't drop the movies. Every so often they all defy and do that anyway (Ben Affleck, how I feel sorry for you). Anyway, it's not a massive bomb - if you scale the budget to Serenity's and compare the numbers, it did marginally better than Serenity, for example.
Ouch, Gossi. You are a bright little sunflower, ar'ncha?

dreamlogic, Kerry Washington (the "other woman") has also done some talk shows.

Didn't see any with Gina Torres, wish I had.

Too bad the movie isn't getting good reviews. I do like "Everybody Hates Chris" when I catch it on TV.
Actually on the FOX Movie Channel had a long interview with Gina and Chris explained why he choose Gina as his wife in this movie.

BTW - The movie came in with 5.7 million this weekend.

@ gossi - LOL, I know I was kidding, kinda, but it will be on DVD pretty soon.

RavenU, OT, but could you email me? I don't have your address.
I managed to miss all of Gina's press, I guess. Strange considering how much TV I watch these days :)
Gina was on TV and I missed it? Gorramit! :-(
I have been really hoping that this would get GT some recognition and move her to the next level. Too bad it is not getting better press.

I did not see any interviews with GT but on the Inside the Actors Studio interview with Chris Rock, casting Gina Torres was discussed. My recollection was that her credits and talent were not mentioned. CR only said who she was married to and that when he saw her having dinner with her husband in a restaurant they looked like such a married couple he decided she was perfect for the role. It actually bugged me on a bunch of different levels but I tried to ignore it because there is no way to know what was deleted out.
It would bug me more that Chris Rock was on 'ItAS'!!
newcj, that reason bugs me too.

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