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March 18 2007

WWLA: Brian Lynch talks "Spike: Shadow Puppets". Details about the comic on the way, including some hi-larious preview art of vamp-puppet Spike, and some subtle teases for upcoming projects.

So Asylum and Shadow Puppets aren't post NFA but set during season 5.
This is gonna be GREAT!
Can I tell you how excited I am about this book? Puppets. Spike. Lorne. Spike & Lorne together in a buddy, road-trip story - set in Japan.

Plus, it looks like Saje's evil, fictional persona .
Sounds very interesting.
I'm hoping so, MacGuffin! I'm really looking forward to this comic.
Wow, that comic looks sweet!

Heads up, it's spelled "Brian"...with an "i" creepy "y".
That's sort of awesome, but I forget if they ever collect IDW in real trades? I'm too cheap to buy issues/singles/whatevers.

Anyway, I always thought it was a little weird that there was a puppet Spike officially released when some fan came up with the idea first as a gag and there were so many other things from the series they could have tried. (Actually no there weren't.) When it's set throws me off though, this was supposed to happen pre-series ending? I want to assume this also would have happened before Fred's death when the characters turned mopey (so basically immediately after Smile Time), but it's also possible this happened in Angel's apparently downspiral into power grabs.
"Well! This is just . . . neat!"

-Spike, "Halloween"
What I'm waiting for is a crossover with the Buffy comic by having an actual "Great Muppety Odin." ;-)

But seriously, everything I've seen of this is really fantastic. I want it. Now.

And yes, orangewaxlion, all the IDW issues are collected into trades. Go pre-order Brian's "Spike: Asylum" trade paperback.
Yep, the 'Spike: Asylum' trade's out in May and needs to be bought, excellent series (be cool to see whatever extras we get too. I'm still holding out for free gold).

Plus, it looks like Saje's evil, fictional persona ...

Yeees, yes, of course ... it's the fictional persona that's evil, that's the cover story truth *cough*.

(hope you're right too MacGuffin, sure looks like it)

Heads up, it's spelled "Brian"...with an "i" creepy "y".

Is this a subconscious admission that Brian has no 'y' ... chromosome ?

* crickets *

Probably not then.
Wow...this really sounds great and I love Brian's enthusiasm for Spike as a complex character. It's pretty obvious to me that Mr. Lynch DOES indeed like Spike! So much so that there is hope for even more Spike in the future.
THAT news makes this Spike fan very...very happy.
Great job Brian....I can't wait for this.
Is it available for pre-order yet?????????

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