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March 18 2007

Reason to Drive. Wanna see some surveillance footage of Alex Tully and the others that were selected to drive?

Also there is a Tim Minear vid on

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Starting with Nathan's character isn't a surprise, but I would have expected a few more contestants on the list. I guess they won't be added yet, but will be as we get closer to April 15th.
The vid with Tim Minear is the one about the cars being used in the race that was originally added to the Fox website back in January and then pulled. It's intercut with clips from interviews with the actors. There are a ton of vids now, including 4 minutes with Nathan and Kristen and over 3-1/2 minutes with Kevin and Taryn. Also a 2-minute history of the race. Cool stuff!
The one with Nathan and Kristen was interesting as she actually talks more than he does. He must not have been feeling well.

Anyway... I really look forward to Drive. ;-)
I dunno if it's just the authority of Nathan's performance in Tully's 'to camera' piece but doesn't he seem a little bit too composed to be a landscape gardener ? I smell witness protection or ex-special forces or something (probably old speculation for the 'Drivettes', haven't been keeping up).

I think he was just being polite in the interview video, BTW, letting the lady go first (except for the 'Would you like to do some stunts ?' question, his very-quickly-interjected 'Yes' made me smile. We blokes can be pretty simple creatures at times ;).
This might be a big stretch but is Alex Tully being a "Landscape Gardener" Minear's little wink to the SereniFly convention going crowd?

At the 2004 Wizard Con at the Serenity panel, someone from the crowd asked if Book's secret past will be revealed in the movie. Nathan gave an immediate tongue-in-cheek reply that Book used to be an Alliance Landscape Gardener. Joss promptly "chastised" him for revealing that "spoiler"!

This would be an amusing bit of trivia to confirm in an interview with Tim.
Heh, hadn't heard that. Richard Brooks is playing Detective Ehrle so there's already one Serenifly wink, who knows, stranger things have happened.

And as an even bigger stretch, since that was clearly a facetious comment from Nathan and most people actually think Book used to be some kind of soldier, maybe it's a meta-meta-wink about Tully's past ?
Ohhh my many winks.. that is quite freaky Saje & StaffOSimon I am over winked. lol. Oh and drivettes... interesting name :P And this is awesome all these videos etc. I a,m impressed how much PR this show is getting(although maybe it is just me in my little firefly world..).

ETA: for some reason i am having sound problems with the nathan fillion and Kristian lehman sound clip, am I the only one?

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Plays OK for me kurya (Firefox on XP).

And yeah, anymore winks and people'll think the show has some kind of tic ;).
Richard Brooks is playing Detective "Ehrle"
I just want to know if his character will be hunting down Tully, thinking he killed his wife, but winds up as a top contender of "The Race". That would be ironic. Or maybe he'll help in Corrina's vendetta (or whatever it is) against the Organizers once he sees what's really happening.
Nathan said Book was a landscaper. Joss said This is your last convention, young man. Memory here. The link to the actually vid is somewhere on I'll try and find it when I get home.
OK, memory here, too, but didn't one of these many videos or interviews have a comment from Tim saying that maybe they'll discover there's some reason in Alex Tully's past that he was chosen for the race? Or was that just the fever talking last week when I first got the flu? ;-)
billz, my memory remembers the same and I haven't had a fever.
The other weekend at WonderCon, Nathan himself suggested that Alex Tully was chosen for the race for reasons having something to do with a past in which he may not have been a landscaper.
I think we're on to something here, non-fevery TamaraC and BrewBunny. Just like Book, Tully was once -- a ballet master! ;-)
going from ballet master to rogue landscaper? is that even possible?
If you have the legs of a dancer you can do anything.

Hmm, so he wasn't always a landscaper ? There goes my idea for a flashback to playschool with baby Alex Tully riding his baby lawnmower in a baby version of The Race. It had nap corner and a break for diaper changes.
It had nap corner and a break for diaper changes.

Saje, you have a very strange mind.

Don't ever change.
Witness protection program. Hadn't thought of that. Would've had to change the family name from Reynolds to Tully. But his descendants could still use Reynolds when they left Earth-That-Was.

I think this vid has the Book/Landscaper comment in it. But I didn't even try to bring it up on my slow connection. So I am not really sure.
WonderCon 2005 Serenity Panel Video

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