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March 19 2007

Fan rebuilds Hyperion Hotel as a 1.6 scale model.

Great link, and a great set also.
Exceptionally cool. I loved the Hyperion Hotel. It may have been my favorite of all the Whedonverse sets. So moody, so evocative of an earlier era.
I love this, and just loved that set. Hope they will continue to post pictures as it develops.
That is beautiful- thanks for the link! Will definitely keep up with how this is going.
Zounds, 1/6 scale is HUGE. Looks great so far.
Beautiful and dear. Now, that's love. I'm a big fan of 1:12 scale, as in the traditional dollhouse, but I can see why you'd do 1:6 if you want it to display your Sideshow figures...

Does the fact that I want to get right down on the floor and play with it mean that I've never grown up?

ET: fix funny typo...

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Thats possibly the coolest thing ever! I totally want to play with it!
Now THAT is dedication.
I absolutley love it!! And QuoterGal, if I had something like that for my figures I'd definitely be down on the floor playing with them too!!
That is a thing of beauty. I love this kind of stuff. Only on t'interwebs ;).

Are the Sideshow ones 12" ? It'd explain the size requirement.
I wish I had as much free time as this guy! I actually stalked around the Los Altos Apartments last fall when I was visiting my cousin and the building seems much smaller than when you see it on the show... I hear that there is a 7 year wait to get a lease there!
that is the coolest thing ever.

the hyperion was without question the greatest set on any whedon show (only serenity comes close).

if i had unlimited piles of cash i'd be tempted to recreate the hotel in 1:1 scale and live there.

bit weird i know, but dont tell you havent thought it'd be a cool place to live.
Yowza! That's dedication! And great handicraft, too. Beautiful.

My husband is of the opinion these guys won't be in possesion of the finished model for too long -- someone will make them an offer they can't, couldn't, wouldn't refuse.
Check out their guestbook :) Stuart Blatt (Angel production designer) and Leonard Harman left them messages. I was looking for a reproduction of a painting used on the Hyperion set (hangs above Cordy's desk. Just love it) and through the magic of the intarweb, I was able to contact one of the set decorators. We chatted a bit and I gave her the link and she loved it and passed it on to the production team from the show. How awesome is that for those guys? I *heart* the internet.

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