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March 19 2007

SoCal Browncoats/QMx Offer Sneak Peak At Serenity's Blueprints. If you're lucky enough to be in, or near enough to get to, Southern California, you can hit a special shindig event on March 31st and get a look at QMx's forthcoming extensive blueprints for Serenity, the shuttles, and the mule.

Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to walk the decks of a Firefly Class Transport, or better yet, speak with her designers? Well, now's your chance. On Saturday, March 31st, the SoCal Browncoats and QMx are hosting a special event to celebrate the release of the first official and comprehensive plans for our favorite boat - Serenity. The shindig is open to all Browncoats and Browncoat groups and will feature guest appearances by Geoffrey Mandel(Serenity graphics designer), Tim Earls (Firefly illustrator and Serenity setdesigner), and Andy Gore (QMx director), who will give all Browncoats in attendance a sneak preview of the QMx Serenity Blueprints - a signed, limited edition set of 10 18"x24" full-color blueprints to be released on April 7th at midnight EDT.

These blueprints have been distilled from literally hundreds of set photos, detailed architectural drawings, cgi files, and pages and pages of background material from the movie and series. They will be *the* definitive resource on Serenity's design, layout and systems, revealing details not previously shown in the movie or series. The blueprint set will be extensive, printed on large format, high-quality stock, and will include the ship, the shuttles and the mule.

The shindig will take place March 31st at Sebastian's restaurant, 10057 Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake, CA, from 12pm to 4pm. Geoff, Tim and Andy will speak from 1pm to 3pm. All Browncoat groups are invited, so come one, come all!

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Also, the next Firefly Talk podcast (in 5-6 days) will contain an in-depth interview with QMx about the blueprints, and reveal some interesting facts about Serenity.
I've seen some advance versions and they are gorgeous. Hang on the wall gorgeous.
I love living in LA:)
I agree, the drafts I saw were awesome. I plan to frame my set when I get it.
If I managed to fly down there from Vancouver is there a place that could be recommended to stay for the Saturday night?

I would just need a cheap kind of hotel or something to then get to the airport Sunday morning. Any tips?
I must be jaded living in SoCal cause for a second I thought "Someone would fly down for a shindig just to get a sneak peek at the blueprints?" And then I remembered that just 2 weeks ago the girlfriend and I drove from Vegas to SF and then back to LA in the space of 24 hours just so we could hang out with Browncoats at WonderCon for 5 hours.

thewatch - you should join the SoCal group ( and ask if anyone knows of a place. But offhand, and this is by no means a stamp of approval, try the LaQuinta or Ramada off Buena Vista near the 5 in Burbank. They are somewhat close to the restaurant (cab) and have airport shuttles. But definitely ask before making a decision, someone else may know the area better.

Also, is there anyone else planning to go that isn't a member of the SoCal group? The room isn't huge (fits 40 OK) and if we get a ton of people saying they are going we may have to figure out how you're all going to fit. :)
Thanks for the tips, I'll look them up.

I'll to see if I can afford the flights and get the time off work, but I can keep my fingers crossed.

I understand the jaded, no worries. :-)

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