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March 19 2007

The Bedlam Bards 2007 Shindig Tour. Get ready for some bedlam, in bardic form: starting April 19th the Bedlam Bards are traveling around the eastern US appearing at Browncoat gatherings in Baton Rouge, Tallasee (Alabama), Charlotte, Raleigh, and Penacook (New Hampshire). And maybe Philly.

They'll be holding raffles at each stop to benefit various charities including Equality Now. They'll be in a good mood, too: their Firefly-inspired CD "On the Drift" has won Best Renfaire Album of 2006 (from the Renaissance Festival Music Podcast), Best Folk Recording of 2006 (according to Celtic MP3 Magazine), #1 Album on the CDBaby Celtic Chart, and a spot on CDBaby's Top Seller's Sampler.

I am surprised and excited to see Charlotte on there, we don't have much that comes this way.
I can't believe it's already been a few months since I saw the Bards at Darkcon. I miss you guys. Your shows rock! Wish you were coming to Az.
Does anyone have contact info for the Browncoats in Baton Rouge? Do they have a website or yahoo group or some other rallying point?
**using River's mind control technique**
"Come to Seattle, Come to Seattle...You want to perform in the Pacific Northwest..."
**picks up where Traevynn left off** *And then keep going north to Vancouver...* What? I want my copy of Take Out the Trash signed.

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