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March 20 2007

(SPOILER) More love for Bones. MAJOR SPOILERS for this weeks Bones episode.

It's nice to see other TV Critics jump on the bandwagon with Matt Roush from 'TV Guide' and Robert Bianco from 'USA Today' to praise 'Bones.' I don't often compliment Fox, but I'm glad they gave the writers the chance to develop the show from it's bumpy start to being as the critic said,'disinvoltura' ... done with effortless ease. Applause, applause!!!
I really enjoy the show, as well. AB did a terrific guest spot at the end of the first season. I think it would be a huge treat to see JM or JAR guest this season. That's not the spoiler, is it? (No, don't tell me.)
I didn't like this show at first. I didn't feel the chemistry. But it has grown on me. I try not to miss it now.
Bones is my favorite show ... I started watching it because of DB, but now I'm hooked on all the characters ... the mystery of the week is fun, but it's the characters that make it work. If you tried Bones in season one and it wasn't your cup of tea ... you might want to give it another go ... it has hit it's stride and is a very entertaining hour.

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