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March 20 2007

(SPOILER) Runaways #27 Solicitation. The coolest Jo Chen cover.

Also, Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men #21 has been pushed back to May 02 2007... it was supposed to come out the same week as Buffy #1 (last week)

The Comic Book Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer
That is the coolest Jo Chen cover yet. Is the black guy Xavin in his/her male form ?

I should be careful, I haven't read past issue #19 or 20 or something at this point. The major death in the series just happened for me.
Were we supposed to already know Astonishing 21 wasn't coming out until July at least? That's a bummer.
Molly looks super-tiny on that cover, though.
there are not a few ways in which I'm as much/more excited about Joss' Runaways than even BtVS S8. don't tell nobody, though.
Your secret's safe with me, anagranfors.
...I'm utterly baffled by what Whedon has planned. NY, Punisher, and now maybe time-travel? Sounds like fun and things might actually be moving pretty quickly.

The Old Lace blur is kind of cute though, I'm kind of surprised it wasn't Molly that couldn't stay still long enough for the image to develop.
I don't really understand why the whole New York aspect is such a big deal, though. Most of the Runaways (I think Karolina was the only exception 'cause she was off in space) have already been to NY during the second Cloak & Dagger arc. Of course, they were teleported there, they didn't journey there. I know Joss is emphasizing in interviews that for a series and group called the "Runaways", they haven't done much running, so I guess the trek to New York will address that.
For me at least, the difference is that they're going to New York now, when there are so many superteams based out of there that are more or less obligated to take down anyone else who's superpowered. For awhile I was convinced for no apparent reason (beyond Karolina and Xavin) that the Runaways would be running in space, to avoid all the world changing stuff they've got going down mostly in NY.

Now I'm curious, are they running from superhero authority? Running in time? Fleeing the country? Establishing a superhero underground railroad? There's even the unlikely possibility they're going to become a registered superhero team called "The Runaways" or something. Is there the even possibility the kids are one of the earliest teams in a series of many to beatdown Tony Stark, and all of a sudden people are worried they're a super-villain sleeper cell and another potential Sunnydale/Stamford?

I just don't really know what to think since their road trip to NY seems to mostly be covered in the Runaways Saga coming out this week so it's a downplayed element. Also if Whedon's run is only 6 issues I wonder what sort of premise he sets up that he can wholly wrap up in that number of issues, but still leave things open for the next writer.
Is Joss even gonna address Civil War ? Did Brian K. Vaughan ?

I didn't read Runaways/Young Avengers. It was a 2-issue crossover, right ? Did it get mentioned in the main Runaways series--the issues I haven't read yet ? Did it have impact ? Or could it might as well have just not happened at all in the Marvel Universe ? It wasn't written by Brian, so I didn't bother pre-ordering last year. I'm not sure whether or not he approved the tale. Not sure if he cares to do that sorta thing, even while he was still on the book. He seems very happy to let others play with this particular creation of his (whereas Y is his alone).

Runaways Saga is out tomorrow (and so is Y: The Last Man, sweet). I'll try to get through the remaining issues this afternoon and be caught up for that.
I know almost nothing about Runaways, but that cover immediately made me think of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Just thought I'd mention it.
Kris, Civil War -- or, more accurately, the result -- has had/will have an effect for Runaways, though all you really need to know is that superpowers need to register with the gov't now. You don't really need to have read Runaways/YA.

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