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March 21 2007

"Waitress" to have its West Coast Premiere March 29th. "Waitress" will be the opening night film of the Method Fest film festival in Woodland Hills, CA, on Thursday, March 29th at 7:00 p.m. The website says that Keri Russell will be there in person.

General seating, will-call tickets are $52.24 each, including service fee.

One of the officials who chose the films for Method Fest is a Nathan Fillion fan and posted this information on his MySpace page.


you want how much for that ticket
Good tag.

Don't have film festivals around me. Is that normal $52.24?

Anybody know how much Sundance tickets were?

I thought the website also said Keri Russell was going to be there but someone else thought it just meant she would be in the film.
It's too much for me for one movie. Plus the trip out to Woodland Hills at rush hour wouldn't be much fun. Maybe it's meant for people who live in those ritzy suburbs or are making the drive in limos ;)

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