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March 21 2007

Keep the Fringe Flyin' Wrap-up Fundraiser Raffle! Almost our Captain's birthday. Good Works has already helped raise over $2,300 for Nathan Fillion's hometown theater company Fringe Theatre Adventures.

Betcha more was raised but people forgot to write/type Nathan Fillion in the right place on their donation.

Hmmm, I need one of those Can't Stop the Serenity limited edition teaser poster. Not that I actually need it for me that is.

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With every ten dollars donated online between March 20, 2007 and March 27, 2007 you can enter to win one of these raffle prizes:

* MakeUSmileTees gift card - good for two officially licensed t-shirts, and shipping
* Can't Stop the Serenity limited edition teaser poster
* Can't Stop the Serenity limited edition t-shirt
* Serenity Region 4 PAL DVD with Collector's Tin (Australian Release)
* Serenity Region 1 DVD (United States Release)
* Firefly: The Complete Series Region 1 DVD set (United States Release)
* Serenity Region 1 Special Edition 2-Disc DVD set (to be shipped after its release in July)
* First-printing Serenity #1 comic (Mal cover), signed by cover artist John Cassaday

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OMG.... that is soooo awesome.... I procrastinated like crazy to donate.. i will donate what little money I have as soon as possible.

And anonymous1 just a suggestion, you may want to mention the raffle in your primary subject line and/or in the link heading, because it is not clear there is a raffle.

And jsut curious, how did the organizers procure these items? Were you able to get them for free or did you buy them yourselves?

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All of the prizes are donations. Some were donations from vendors and CStS, some were donations from within our group. And the list of prizes might just grow, as we are working on another lead or two.

Anyone who is interested in the raffle, please visit our website for instructions on how to enter.
kurya, How is that?


Did MakeUSmileTees donate the gift card mentioned or did your group purchase it? Are they Browncoats too? I'm pretty sure the StylinOnline guy is a Browncoat like QMX is and the Firefly/Serenity trading card company is (ImageWorks?) . And Titan Books.

Just need some more Browncoat theater owners. And some big media information chains.
Actually, nothing has been purchased by us as a group. A few of us have donated items as individuals, but nothing as a group. I'm not sure if the MakeUSmile folks are Browncoats, as I wasn't involved in in that donation, but they responded to a donation request, so that makes 'em Browncoats in my book. :)
Anonymous1, thats great. And in terms of some media information chains... apparently on one of the soft rock stations(or only one I guess) in Montreal, there are a few browncoats working there including one on air personality. So thats a start right? :P
As Dizzy said, the MakeUSmile Tees gift card was donated by the kind folks at MakeUSmile Tees.

Also, we have just confirmed another raffle prize: A first printing Serenity #1 comic (Mal cover), signed by cover artist John Cassaday at 2005 WizardWorld Chicago. Bagged and boarded.

This prize is a private donation. I am editing it into the list of prizes above.
You know I was gonna donate more anyways cause it is like for the Captain. But Whoo-hoo! More prizes!

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