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"Oh my god. You teach ethics?"
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March 21 2007

(SPOILER) Ask Tim Minear about Drive. E! Online's Kristin is taking questions for an upcoming Tim Minear/Drive interview. Link happens to have spoilers for a variety of shows; Drive item is safe.

Your subject line itself could be considered a spoiler seeing as it mentions characters by name and "shocking fate" often implies death.

Please be more careful with these things.
(Not to pile on, but...) And since that subject has no Whedon connection, it should probably be changed anyway. Also, this link goes directly to the page with the relevant Drive bit.
I can't seem to get to E!Online but I've changed the headline to make it more Whedonesque-centric.
From the previews I've been watching, I'm really looking forward to Tim's road show. Guess the only question I have is this:

Tim, we expect some character growth and an actual story behind them. Please don't forget your roots. I pray that FOX gives you a chance to shine your magic this time!

(Okay, I had more than one question. Like Joss, I can't count either;)

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