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March 21 2007

Dialogue: Gina Torres and Kerry Washington. Backstage interviews Gina on her new movie "I Love My Wife." Brief mention of Serenity.

I actually love that little Serenity exchange.
It was somehow justifying to learn an actress outside the Joss or action realm acknowledged the power of Serenity. That was nice.

I was also very impressed with the intelligence in the interview. Gina is an amazing woman. She's going to be an incredible mom.
See, the thing is Gina really does seem capable especially when she gives such smart down to Earth interviews. Clearly she should giggle more and fake a few 'blonde' moments (e.g. forget which film she's being interviewed for) if she wants to be taken less seriously ;).

(also Kerry Washington said: "People have not seen me as sexy up until very recently". Riiight. Are these blind people by any chance ? ;)
Aw, I love how Kerry Washington even likes Serenity. Great interview!
Great interview, I really enjoyed.

But damn it, I miss me some Serenity.
Gina also said: "Not to say that she's [Brenda] not a strong woman, but you know, she doesn't have a shotgun attached to her hip."

Unlike Zoe, needless to say.
I've always wondered why Gina doesnt get the roles that are out there. The interview just shows that she can do anything, if the studios would just stop trying to tell us what we want and listen to what we're looking for, Gina and Kerry wouldn't have to audition for a 'type.' They would be sought out for their craft and as artists.

Just got to say though, Ms. Torres and Mr. Fishburn are going to have one cool little person.

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