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March 21 2007

James Marsters' blooopers from the recording sessions for Summer Knight audiobook. Amusing out takes from James Marsters' recording of the Dresden Files audio book "Summer Knight" Link goes to James Marsters' official site.

Buzzy Multimedia have released four short blooper outtakes from James Marsters' recent recording session for the audio book of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files novel "Summer Knight". Link to audio material which contains some mild swearing which some might find offensive.

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I love the little glimpses into the process of finding each character. These are so cute, and such gems, Thanks Deb.
I can't get enough of his voice.
Very cool to see (or hear) the 'man behind the curtain'. Especially when he's kind of a cussin' man who doesn't speak Latin ;).

True too, hadn't thought of it before but a European accent you can't place is probably eastern European. Most insighty.
Having listened to the 3 chapters they released, it is interesting to hear some of the background work. To hear the kind of instant decisions that must be made - you certainly want someone with a good deal of experience.
Haha, this is wonderful! James is too cute for words, and his performance on the Dresden audio books should not be missed. I can't wait for my pre-ordered copy to arrive. They said mid-April, yes? I heartily encourage James fans to pick up the first three while we wait!
Thanks for that debw, I really needed a good laugh. "brief expletive may offend some ...." JM??? I'm shocked .... shocked, I say LOL.
I loved the "make it up and say it with authority". Gotta go back & read the interview with June Williams of Buzzy Multimedia, when I can find time.
Very interesting and cute. And a sexy voice! :)
Thanks, these were funny and at the same time made me realise what alot of work must go into these recordings.

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