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March 21 2007

(SPOILER) Mere Smith Wrote Penultimate Episode of Rome: Deus Impeditio Esuritori Nullus. You may be able to find the episode in repeats if you didn't catch it this last Sunday night on HBO (which was March 18th).

Mere wrote a previous episode of Rome which I had missed noticing. You can read more about Mere's work at Mere Smith at Wikipedia. Ain't it Cool News also has a short blurb about the last episode Mere wrote and a synopsis in white font, along with spoilers for the last episode, should you want to see what happens in the finale this Sunday: Ain't It Cool On Rome I'll just say that this last episode was fantastic. These final four or five episodes have had me gripping the arm of my chair. The show has been red-hot as it's traveled to the finale this season.

I don't get HBO do I haven't been following Rome, though I know a lot of my Buffy friends love it.

I'm thrilled for Mere, one of my favorite AtS writers.
Rome is a pretty big step up from Tarzan, no? Never seen this show, but I've heard some pretty amazing things about it. Very cool.
Wow, and just today I was wondering whatever happened to Mere Smith. I remember during Season 3 of Angel there were essentially 5-6 writers going on a rotation, and Mere Smith's episodes were as good as Tim's or Greenwalt's. I hope she sticks around for another HBO series now that Rome wrapped.
I'd noticed her producer credit before but this was the first time I saw her writing credit. It was one of the best episodes of the season, I thought. I jumped and grabbed my head when .
Thank you Mere, for writing Marc Anthony in kohl.
One of the best eps yet of one of the best shows on TV. Joss's alumni are indeed taking over the (TV) world. Yay team!!
Anyone know what Ms. Mere is up to these days? :-)
Reddygirl, I have the opposite problem. No Showtime for me. I refuse to pay the extra cable charges to add it. So that's Dexter Season 2 I'll be missing until DVD time and then the new show, which might have replaced my Rome historical fix, The Tudors.

I loved the kohl as well, Caroline. I shudder to think what it says about me that the actor playing Antony has never looked sexier than with eyeliner and lounging around in an
opium-induced (or whatever it was) drug haze.
Love this series, and the Mere ep was wonderfully written. Poor Atia. (snikker) -

Gotta agree, Marc Antony with kohled eyes...but my mind drifts back to last season...

Antony: "I'm not getting out of this bed until I " f " someone or someone " fs " me!"
Atia to her maid: "Go get that German slut from the kitchens, will you?"
Rome is one of my favorite shows. The last 5 or 6 episodes have been outstanding. The quality has been consistently awesome. Rome and Dexter have been my TV highpoints this year.
Have you seen the Rome DVD box sets ? They're unusually sturdy and hard-edged.

I hope to finally get into Rome when it's all released on DVD. I remember reading last year that HBO canceled it 'cause it's too expensive a show and doesn't bring in enough viewers to warrant it (kinda like Carnivale). Is that true?

Did the creators have a planned number of seasons they wanted to receive to tell their story (like how David Milch wanted four for Deadwood), or were they kinda just feeling it out as they went along ?
Is that true?

From everything I've read and other viewer's comments, sadly yes. The huge set pieces were made exclusively for the show and I believe it was also filmed on location, at least the exteriors. HBO has plenty of money. I'd probably gasp in shock if I knew what their actual net worth is after all these years. Whatever their real behind-the-scenes reasons are, they're letting down a shitload of fans who would gladly see the history of that time played out a couple more seasons.
You don't think it's pretty much just money or Rome not being as big a draw for new subscribers (or people maintaining their subscriptions) as HBO would like ?

What could their reasoning be that they can't share with the public ? What would bring a show down behind the scenes like that ?
I think Rome was expected to be the next Sopranos and it didn't get as large an audience. I have no idea why it hasn't gotten a larger audience because it has many of the same ingredients as the Sopranos. Hopefully Rome will do well on DVD though.
I'm sure that Rome will do well on dvd. With the recent episodes literally skipping down the years, I can see that they're moving towards wrapping the show with the end of the Civil War amongst the Triumvirate (Augustus vs Antony). So many possible story lines that they could have built a season around, and we're getting them in an episode, or even just in exposition in a scene.

Sigh. Maybe someone will consider doing a series based on Colleen McCullough's "First Man in Rome" series - starting back with Gaius Marius and going through Julius Caesar.
Wouldn't that be great?! It's been so long since I read the first three, the most I remember about the first book is a pimply, adolescent Sulla being teased by one of Marius' daughters, or some daughter of the Roman aristocracy. I need to re-read those. And I know she takes her series up through the time of Octavian, whom we've seen in Rome.

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