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March 22 2007

What one-off sci-fi film would you like to see a sequel to? Serenity is among the choices in today's IMDb poll (which is now closed btw).

Well now...39.4% of the vote goes to our little dark horse that can. Gotta warms the heart;D
It's dropped a little bit as fandoms discover the poll, but I am certain it'll win the day. I consider The Last Starfighter to be my second choice, with maybe Starman third. Neither one of those had "perfect" endings -- not as perfect as The Fifth Element anyway. (Yes, I am a total 5E fangirl -- lucky for y'all Besson has never done an American TV series or I would be outta here in a heart beat! :D )
I voted for the BDM, natch.

Hope it stays on top.
Go Serenity! We may never have the reality but it's fun to see how many others would love it too.
IMDB is a site that has a lot of exposure, so I say we need to push this one for all it's worth!
Most of those movies just don't "need" a sequel. I mean part of me wants to see a Blade Runner sequel just so I can see more of those fantastic visuals, but in reality the movie was rather self contained, not much room to expand, especially considering how much it deviated from the novel. So I had to vote for Serentiy.
For nostalgia's sake I guess 'Tron' is a possibility but apart from that I agree with war_machine, sequels to most of those films would feel pretty contrived. Loved 'Strange Days' for instance but it was basically all about millennial angst and without that a sequel seems a bit pointless (or themeless anyway). I guess we could wait another thousand years or set it around the binary millennium but that's more of a niche audience ;).

No problem voting for the BDM which, although also self-contained, is one of the more natural candidates for a follow-up ('The Thing' - Carpenter remake presumably - would also be cool).
Man that was a hard choice between Serenity and SLiTHER....
Among the choices? It's number 1 baby!

Go Serenity!!
I'd love to see a sequel to Highlander or The Matrix but I can understand why they didn't try to carry on after the ending of the original film in either case.

Still holding at >30% after 7,600 votes. That's not a bad showing for a winner in an IMDB poll with that many choices at all. Consider, though, in addition to being left open for a sequel, which most of its competitors in this poll were not, it's also among the newest of the listed movies and IMDB has a collectively short memory.

Note also that a typical IMDB poll goes to 20-25k votes; my guess is that the genre focus turned some folks off. Note that there's no 'None of them' option, so the people without opinions are likely not voting. That somewhat dampens the glee at getting 30% *awareness* of Serenity among registered IMDB voters.

Overall? Good news, but not an unexpected showing. Doubt it will start any new back-room conversations, unfortunately, but I'd love to be wrong on that.
More seriously, I always thought that The Last Starfighter could make an interesting TV series, with a normal kid in high school being chosen due to having the unique skills to fight monsters from beyond... Hmm...
Serenity is really in a way, not "one-off", what with Firefly- which is maybe why it is the real natural for a sequel. Saje, at first I thought your "niche audience" was referring to the first alternative-immortals being an unpredictable group of movie-goers.
That's me! That's me! I'm so excited that they choose my question!! I meant to include 'Buckaroo Banzai' as well, but totally blanked it. Whenever I submit a poll suggestion to the IMDb, I always work something Whedon in it. I choose only film that did not have an sequels at all or in the works. Remakes OK, just no sequels. And 'Serenity' is in the lead! Yippiee!!!!!!!!
Most of these would have Matrix/Star Wars sequels- pretty, but they would ruin the spirit of the film.
You beat me to the announcement Boatierra! I saw your name and was happy for you. I voted twice so far.
For me, it's Serenity first, sorry James. Plus, I think of Slither as firmly in the horror genre, even though it has sci-fi aspects.

I've read of one of Jeter's Bladerunner books and really liked it. I'd have no issues at all with getting to see a sequel to that over just about anything else but Serenity.
Saje, at first I thought your "niche audience" was referring to the first alternative-immortals being an unpredictable group of movie-goers.

Man, you ain't kidding. Marketing to them's a complete bitch. "Sure you've seen it all before but this time ... well, you'll still have seen it all before. Sorry." or "You're old so this will just sound like a noise" or "The best novel of the 20th centu ... aw, who am I trying to kid, he's no Shakespeare, you're wasting your time".

(and catering to the even tinier niche of immortals who also care about the binary millennium ? Not even worth it)

Not read any of the 'Bladerunner' sequels (read Jeter's 'Death Arms' and thought it wasn't bad) but I was pretty happy with the end of the film (director's cut anyway with Deckard's little nod of resolve, lift doors, music, fade out - though I wasn't too happy with parts in the middle of that version ;). Like 'Angel' it felt finished being left unfinished.
Slightly off-topic but ... if there were a producer interested in continuing on with the Bladerunner legacy they could jump to this Jeter novel which I just ordered, the cheapest version I could find in good shape (the only U.S. copy is $69.00 - what's up with THAT?!) and it's coming from Australia. The protagonist in this Jeter novel is a female Bladerunner, so I'm wondering if there is any Buffy influence there at all:

Item Details:

Author: Jeter, K.W.
Title: Blade Runner 4: Eye and Talon

Faster Than Light ... What a great bookstore name!
Balcatta, WA
Australia, 6021
I keep thinking about it, and I could kick myself in the pants for not including 'Buckaroo Banzai'. I tried hard to get at least one film from the 70's (Logan's Run), and of course from the 80's and 90's. A not just total sci-fi, but a mix up of sci-fi's. Looks like it worked. I didn't want the IMDb to see my alterior motive of slipping in 'Serenity'. As if that is a bad thing :)
Sorry guys, but I voted for The Fifth Element. That movie just kicks so much ass. I love orange hair now.
Well, looks like my comment on the response to the poll was premature--it's passed 20k votes now, with Serenity still solidly in first.

Looks like the day has seen more 'popcorn' sci fi movies, like Fifth Element and Independence Day, improve their showings, but Serenity's 30% tally has stayed remarkably constant. I'm pleased.

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