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March 22 2007

Some Los Angeles Serenity convention details. Sean Harry of Starfury has posted some information. Confirmed guests so far are Jewel Staite and Morena Baccarin and it will run from the 2nd to the 4th of November.

Sean's message was posted as a response to this thread. Ta to Gossi for the heads up.

How much does this convention cost?

I doubt I could make it out to LA... but if I decided to go for this instead of Dragon*Con it may be possible. (Come on Dragon*Con - you know you want to announce Firefly guests again!)
Re: cost, I assume that will be known when "More information will be given out when the event goes live the begining of April."
Aye. I think it's reasonable to assume Starfury will put tickets on sale along with the website in April.
So it looks like he is going more along the lines of the US cons with different levels of tickets - which he has never done for his UK cons, and actually made a point of not doing. It will be interesting to see what prices he is going to be charging and whether autographs are going to be included as they are with the UK cons. Not long to wait until April I guess.
Too bad it's in CA and classes are in session at that time...

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Jonathan Woodward for my birthday? What more could a girl ask for?

I know I will be there.
Are there any hotels near Hollywood Blvd? And are all three of these venues nightclubs (ie bars)?
Check out the following websites
Element, La Cantina, L Scorpion,

It looks like Element is a nightclub, La Cantina and L Scorpion are restaurants and they are all very closeby to each other.

I've been looking for hotels nearby and scarily am finding that they are all either mindblowingly expensive or already booked up!! Anyone have any good ideas for nearby hotels. I'm wanting to stay a week, but I don't want to be too far from the venues.
You could try one of the Extended Stay America Hotels. They're reasonably affordable.
Try the Motel 6 on Whitney Avenue, off of Hollywood Blvd, or the Days Inn at Hollywood and Western. Both have very reasonable rates.
Thanks - I'll check those out.
Too bad that it is so close in time to the Browncoat Cruise, otherwise I'd be interested in trying to go. I live in California, so it is close, but I've already committed to the other event.
Cider, I don't know how close it is to Hollywood and Highland but the Orchid Suites is very reasonably priced!
All three of those venues look like places that serve hard liquor, so are we sure that under aged (younger than 21) convention goers will be allowed in? Also will there be any place for vendors to set up? And lastly, I hope that someone local would check out the 'reasonably priced' hotels because I don't think that this is a very good neighborhood and I would worry that the cheaper hotels would be dirty and/or unsafe. I hope I don't sound negative, but I would like to attend and I have concerns.
I don't know what the laws are in the US, however, in the UK, under 18's can go into licensed premesis - they just cannot consume alcoholic drinks there. Of course, some nightclubs have age restrictions - however this is down to the proprioter - not the law. If this is the case in the US also, then, as Clare Kramer is the proprioter of all venues, I'm sure she would allow under 21's in on this occasion.

It looks like the night club is being used as the daytime venue, so there may be space for vendors and such to set up there. Looking at the layout, the place looks pretty big, so I'm sure an area could be cordoned off for dealers etc.

I've checked out the Days Inn - which is in the 'reasonably priced' area (cheapest rooms from $79 a night) and that looks quite nice. It's a bit away from the venues (ie not walking distance) but probably not too far in a taxi. They also have a VIP room which is three queen beds and two rooms which from $119 to $139 a night - which aint bad considering you can get 6 people in the room. I have no idea what the neighbourhood is like though.
Please check out the Orchid. Whenever I've done any sort of event in the area, the Orchid ends up being a fave of guests. The rates are uber reasonable at about 89 per night for a double, and they come with kitchenettes so you can really save on food by picking up a bag of groceries. It's right next door to the Ren so you can basically roll out of bed and be at Hollywood and Highland. Plus the area is pretty well patrolled making it reasonably safe, which is important.
Allyson -- thanks, that be useful.
The real question is: If I end up going to this instead of the Cruise, and gossi ends up going to this, will the Verse implode with me and gossi in the same room?
Bix - you have ticket number 1 - you can't possibly not go on the cruise! You could go as well as the cruise though.
I can recommend the Orchid Suites too - I stayed there for the week before B3. It's basic, but clean enough and has everything you need, including a kitchen. The real bonus is the location though!
Bix - you have ticket number 1 - you can't possibly not go on the cruise! You could go as well as the cruise though.

I can spend money on one thing. It comes down to which experience I want more, not having ever had either of them.
And I've invited a ANGEL / DRIVE cast member.

I wonder who that *coughAmyAckercough* could be? ;-)

Curse you, lack of money, etc. But yay for California people! :-)

Somebody was asking on Whedonesque about autographs. I can't post on that forum, so just thought that I'd confirm it here.

Ticket price will include a signature from each of the headline guests.

If you want really cheap, and safe, and can endure less-than-first-class cleanliness, email me.
Really looking forward to this one.

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