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March 22 2007

Nina the Werewolf appearing in the UK. Angel season 5's Nina the werewolf, Jenny Mollen has been announced as a guest at the Coventry Sci Fi Fair on May 12th and 13th.

Convention fan favourite, Jenny Mollen (Nina the Werewolf from Angel) is appearing at the Leofric Hotel in Coventry UK on May 12-13th. Admission is free and there are a host of other cult TV and film actors appearing and signing for the public with further announcements still to be made. The event runs alongside the Supernatural/Smallville convention Asylum.

Further details can be found at on the company's site

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Thanks for posting, I wouldn't have known otherwise. As I live quite close to Coventry I may well head along to that ^_^
Wheee! I'll be there for AsylumCon to meet my lovely SPN boys, but I'll definitely have to check this out too!
I'm going over for the Asylum con, so this is doubly exciting! Yes!

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