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"We're in space shepherd. Its always the middle of the night."
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May 06 2003

Which M.E. VIP are you?

I am Ulitmate Drew!

(yes, they spell it wrong in the code)
Well hello, I'm David Fury. I'll go and shave now.
Doug Petrie here. Does that mean I need to start reading comic books?
I'm Joss. How did that happen? Must be the red hair...
Drew Greenberg, I am. Says that I like Dawn. I never did think she was all that bad...hmm..
Mere Smith here although I'm not a girl...
I'm Jane Espenson, although I'm not a girl either...though I am interested in linguistics.
I'm also Doug Petrie, I think we have to go to the corner, jlp. The Kittens are chasing me!
Apparently, I'm Steve DeKnight.

They want me to put my pants on.
Not. Gonna. Do it.
Fury'd look supa-cool in a fu manchu...
Drew Goddard baby! Woo! And I am a minion. But then, who isn't?
This was a little easy to manipulate. Er... not that I cheated or anything...
I am Jane Espenson too :).

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