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March 22 2007

Jane Espenson's episode of "Andy Barker, P.I." to air tonight. The episode is entitled "Fairway, My Lovely" and is co-written by Alex Herschlag.

Opinions about Andy Barker's pilot were mixed, but the buzz around forums has been that the episodes following it kick plenty of shiny ass. For you Canucks who haven't been able to watch the online eps or those looking for a repeat watch, it's 9:30/8:30C on NBC.

Yeah, the pilot wasn't that good, but the other 5 eps were great.
Yes, more Jane please.
I liked the pilot. And this episode, of course. I'm gonna keep watching...

My favorite part was the part I knew from her blog :D
This was the first episode I've caught and have to say I am impressed. Silly-funny without the stupid.
And, c'mon... Jane!
As usual, Jane throws in a Buffy reference.

"Doublemeat Enterprises" lol
Aw, I love how Jane put in a Buffy and/or DoubleMeat nod into her episode of Barker! Just more of a reason to like this show (as long as it doesn't get 30 Rock cancelled).

edit: Bah, there weren't any other comments and I assume double-posting is frowned on. I suspected the real killer from the start, but I'm not sure they really tried to hide it. At first I thought the big clue giving away that suspect was just a lie though, I never expected it to be a statement of fact-- A cute little surprise in itself.

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i loved the doublemeat reference! that was a great episode. thoroughly enjoyed it, even though i haven't been watching the show.
I think the assistant, Nicole Randall Johnson, looks like she could be Gina's sister. She has the same beautiful eyes.
LOVE it! LOVE Jane! And we all *squee'd* (even the Ozlets!) at the oblig Buffy rep!
I hate it when mid-terms get in the way of my tv watching! Are these episodes still available online???
Me, *squee*, Doublemeat, three (hee hee). ;-)

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