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March 22 2007

Buffy vs Batman: Who is the bigger bad-ass? This poll on asks who is the bigger badass--this is highly fun and interesting to, well, to geeks like us here at Whedonesque!

Oh and just so you know, Id go with Batman all the time, though if it was any other super-hero, it would be Buffy.

Buffy would date him. Dark Knightly goodness.
Batman has lots of gadgets but Buffy is the one with super powers, as Riley said "You're Spiderman strong."
Dude...another website had the Buffy vs. Batman battle...was it...back in '05?

I think Joss even weighed in on that one.

Not this question again. Anyway, Batman always wins. The entire underlying premise of the Justice League series was that Batman always wins.

Sorry Buffy. At least you won't die again this time.
Yup, sorry Scoobies. Bats would take Buffy out handily.
Here's a random thought. How about a Dark Horse produced Buffy VS Aliens miniseries? Even without an A-list writer it'd be worth a look.
Their epic battle climaxes with the brooding loner's surrender.

To his heart.
Buffy, hands down. That's my opinion. Batman may have the gadgets but Buffy has the Scoobies.
If Buffy can take on Dracula, the king bat, then she can kick the ass of some dude pretending to be one. Yeah, what now? :)
To actually weigh in on the topic here:

I love everything Buffy better than anything Batman, but Batman would take her down. Batman fucking brought Superman to the brink of death...then didn't kill him, just so that he would live the rest of his life knowing that someone held that power over him.

Bats would win.
How could it be anyone BUT Batman?
"then didn't kill him, just so that he would live the rest of his life knowing that someone held that power over him."

I thought that was because Superman needed to learn about humanity and not about holding it over Superman's head?

Anywho, yeah like I said, gotta go with Batman, but if it were Spiderman or Superman Id go with Buffy because I think Buffy's weakness is the cerebral villian (which makes The First great in theory, maybe not in execution, but great in theory) and Superman and Spiderman are mostly about brute force. Batman, however, is all cerebral and would destroy Buffy with his mind. And then maybe make out with her...

Christian Bale and Sarah Michelle Gellar, wow if you will excuse me, Ill be in my bumk...
Oh, this is about winning a fight. If it was about just being a bad-ass, it should be dark Wesley vs. the Dark Knight. (With "I'll take your bucket away" winning.)
Oh, OneTeV, that's a damn good call. Nail on the head there, my friend.
Angel always reminded me of Batman. Protector of a city by night and all that.

Buffy kicked his ass so... :)
Pleeease. "Robin, send the bat ambulance. This little blond chick just screwed me up royally. Get this, she came at me screaming about bats and swinging a wicked wooden stake. Got me good!"

"Cool! Did you get her number?"
"Who would in a fight between - "
" - Harry Potter and Sabrina?"
Yep, if anyone could win a fight he wasn't even in it'd be ol' blue ears ;).

Think I mentioned this the last time but in the JLA story 'Tower of Babel' it turns out Batman has very effective plans for taking out all of DC's big hitters (Flash, Green Lantern, Jon Jonz, Wonder Woman, Superman etc.) should they go rogue.

If he can take them out, Buffy would not be a problem (despite Pointy's noble attempts to start a whole new, cross-universe 'ship ;).

"then didn't kill him, just so that he would live the rest of his life knowing that someone held that power over him."

I thought that was because Superman needed to learn about humanity and not about holding it over Superman's head?

These aren't mutually exclusive. To me he did it so that Supes would know what it felt like for someone, anyone to have the power of life and death over him, in other words to feel his own mortality so that he'd know how it is for the rest of us. Every. Single. Day. I think Batman's reasoning was that, knowing that and being a basically decent, compassionate man, Superman couldn't possibly remain the 'non-interventionist God' that he'd been up until then and so he'd start to pay more attention to the common individual and less to maintaining the power-base of the 'priesthood' (i.e. politicians etc.).
Buffy would date him. Dark Knightly goodness.

Pointy wins.
gossi, you're right! Please stand-by......Okay, better now.

Still, I think Buffy can take the caped bat.
OK, granted, he may have to take his cape off to beat her.
Not only would The Batman beat Buffy, but he would also take out the other 500 slayers. You don't make the Justice League just because you've got a box full of toys.
Were it not for the presence of Buffy Summers, the sleepy California town of Sunnydale...would be nothing but a smoking hole in the ground.

The town of Sunnydale IS a smoking hole in the ground.
They'd just make out.
The town of Sunnydale IS a smoking hole in the ground.

Yeah, but not until after she left (OK, only about 10 seconds after but it still counts).

You don't make the Justice League just because you've got a box full of toys.

Nope, you have to bring snacks too (Superman brought nachos for instance but typically forgot the dips, if not for Batman's superior strategising it would've been a total disaster).
There's also the fact that Batman is one of the few fictional characters who is able to negate plot holes merely by the virtue that he exists.

"How were you able to bypass that government security system? How did you get that super villain to talk merely by whispering a few words? How did you manage to surprise Superman and his super senses? Since when do you have such an amazing singing voice? How are you able to beat unbeatable odds on a regular basis when you don't have superpowers?"

"Because I'm Batman."

And generally, the other characters AND the audience will buy it. Because he's Batman.

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Sorry to break it to you all, but Buffy would win. A while back DC comics had an elsewords book where Batman fought Dracula. Through the course of the book Batman had to become a vampire to defeat him, and if I remember right, was about to use his new found vampirism to fight the (good?) fight. As a winged vampire creature, Batman would meet his demise against a vampire slayer. Well, yeah, okay, Spike killed him a couple and as such, a slayer would be no problem for a battier Bats, but they were not THE slayer: Buffy. Batman is always a man with a plan; Buffy is a more resourceful fighter. Buffy is the chosen one, she exits to slay vampires, therefore, bye – bye Batman.

If this is just Batman in human form, he would still lose. Batman had to become a demon to defeat a demon, so, he wouldn’t have the power to stop Buffy. I will allow that he would put a hurtin’ on the girl. But, when the dust settles Buffy is on top…

Oh, that ended in weird place.
Sorry, but Batman would win.
Reasoning beyond the physical imbalance (Buffy is supposedly supernaturally strong, right? Versus Bats' human physical strength)...

* Batman started his mental training the second his parents were killed- and had/has no other life than training and using his training. Buffy still tries to date and pay the rent (before Season 8 anyways), meaning, even with training- it's being juggled as something that has to be done, like a part-time job- rather than an obsession.

* Batman has no emotions and is always calculating and only likes women who dress up in purple or black tights. Buffy looks like she's fairly emotional and will date humans, vampires, and I'm not sure who else in Season 8. (Oddly, she does only date tall good looking guys regardless of species, only she went for a 'Jonathan' type in one of the seasons...*sigh*...) ;)

* Batman is older and has been at it longer, and if you can beat Superman's arse, I mean... really....c'mon.... you can beat anyone, no? (Not to say that Buffy wouldn't give Bats a good fight).

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Not too long ago I got a phonecall from my best friends' five year old son, asking me, "who would win a fight between Yoda and Superman."

I was tickled that they would think to call "the expert" and felt the need to mention it when I saw this thread. I went with Yoda by the way. My contention is that Magic-power always beats Science-power. And besides, I think I could kick Superman's ass...he's such a goody-goody.

So if we attribute Buffy's physical powers to magic, she beats Batman.
These sorts of debates are, of course, impossible to ever "win". Even so they continue to baffle me, particularly when it comes down the Batman and who he can or can't beat the snot out of. As a general rule people that think he'd lose a fight against so-and-so point out that Batman is only human, no supernatural powers, no super-strength, etc.

Batman's "power" is his brain, his gift for strategy, and his unmatched willpower. Those unfamiliar with (or simply prejudiced against) Batman may think it's trite to say this, but Batman's "power" is that he wins. Period. That's what he does. He does anything, absolutely anything necessary to take down his opponent.

Yes, Buffy has strength. But so do a lot of Bat's rogues gallery. Strength alone isn't enough to win a fight. Batman has decades of insanely intense training and practical experience. He is one of the most sophisticated hand-to-hand combatant's in the DC universe. Buffy is good, even great (maybe)... but Batman is simply in a different league.

Buffy's got the Scoobies. Well leaving aside the fact that Batman technically has his own "family" of Scoobies as well, let's assume the fight would be exactly what the poll suggests -- Batman alone vs. Buffy alone. But even granting HER some allies and leaving HIM by himself, Batman makes it his business to know everything there is to know about his opponents, which in this case would include her allies and their respective strengths and weaknesses.


I could continue, but as I said above it's really pointless. Fans of each character are likely to argue that their respective hero would win no matter what the other side says. *shrug*
I like Buffy - I don't care about Batman. Therefore, Buffy would win. My logic is irrefutable.
I refute your logic. My refutation is irrefutable times infinity. Plus one.

As any comics reader knows, of course, what would actually happen is: they start off fighting, it's pretty much even, they realise they're both 'good guys', team up and fight the real villain of the piece. Aliens maybe. Or Predators (depending on licences).

(but Batman would still win ;)
But suppose Batman were to face Mike Ditka in a fight, who would win?

Da Bears
I have to agree with Haunt's perspective. Those reasons alone would could cause Buffy to lose, or at least have one hell of a struggle.

However, if you put Angel into the fight, I think things would be different. Angel will do what needs to be done, even if that means using unconventional methods. Because Angel is willing to go to that dark place (much like Batman), he would have an advantage in that fight.

In addition to that reasoningm think about the nature of these character's battles against evil. Buffy and (thought I may be wrong) Batman are more about retribution. Vengeance. The take down the bad guys, and then they're done. Angel, on the other hand, is all about redemption. Redeeming someone is a helluva lot harder than killing them, and for that reason alone, he works harder at his job. So I think in a fight between the two, Angel would be a lot more likely to win against Batman.

My two cents, anyway.
While I still think Batman would take out Angel (there aren't many opponents you could suggest that I would likely agree could take down Batman), I do really love your thoughts there on Angel's "work ethic" regarding redemption.

Good stuff there, deepgirl187.
De nada, Haunt. Though I really have to give credit to my moms. We were pondering the intense, philosophical notions of Buffy vs. Batman, and the fanged wonder inevitably came up.
I have to agree with those saying it would turn from fighting into passionate and yummy smoochies.

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