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March 22 2007

Goal! 50 Cities Serenity Charity Screenings 9 Countries 24 US States. Now all they have to do is raise $100,000 for charity. Fans are planning to arrange Serenity Charity screenings in at least 50 cities in honor of Joss Whedon's birthday. Eeek. Some tickets are already on sale.

The goals were listed in the 1st 2007 Press Release

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Any chance some of that could go toward the $25,000 for Joss' star? I mean, I know Joss would rather it go to charity, but I assume he'd rather all money (even star money) go to charity, but since a committment has been made to get him a star, I'd really hate for it to fail when all kinds of fandom money are coming in for other causes.

I doubt it's possible, but just an idea...
well the cities are independent. Its coordinated but its not a top down structure, so maybe you can ask some cities donate or a portion to donate for the star. But I am not invovled at all this year(was last year), so you would have to ask the group itself and see if people volunteer.
Rogue Slayer,

Maybe some cities might want to put out a jar with a star on it. Or maybe some handouts. Or maybe a link on a Screening city's website with a star on it. Just something to get the Star information out there. There is a link on whedonesque for the Star.

Maybe contact and they'll write a blog about it.

Have you or someone contacted the SoCal Browncoats?
They got over 1000 members now!
Wow, that's an impressive goal! But I suppose not entirely unreasonable, since it works out to just $2,000 per city.
Well, we did $69,000 with 47 screenings last year. And a lot of things were learned-by-the-doing last year.

The first trick is to transform 50 cities planning screenings into 50 cities with confirmed events. Then last year's cities have to best what they did last year. Then the new cities have to perform. ...

Anyway, it's an achievable goal.

(And wow do I cringe at the idea of diverting money from charity to a star. That really kind of seems to pervert the idea behind this effort.)

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I also weigh in for the star thing being totally separate from this. It kinda dilutes the whole meaning of the thing. And I have a hard time believing that Joss would feel differently. He really doesn't seem to be that much about the personal glory.

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Here's some context to blow your mind.

According to the Internet Archive's cached copy of last year's CSTS website, marked as being from April 2, last year at roughly this time we had only six cities listed -- two as confirmed (Albany and Minneapolis) and four as pre-planning (Boston, Los Angeles, Portland, and Santa Barbara).

This year as of today we have 50 cities listed before April even begins, with 25 confirmed. Last year, we didn't even have 25 confirmed cities yet as of May 24. I believe we hit 25 by May 30.

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I'll try to get to the Edinburgh screening depending on what date it ends up being on.

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Some tickets are already on sale.

Us Chowdaheads don't screw around!! :-p

Check us out at and if you live in New England get your tickets NOW!!!
I also hate the idea of diverting charity money for a star. But then any of the money given for the star could have gone to charity, so... I know, you can't/shouldn't shanghai money earmarked for one purpose to another. It's just I'd hate to see the star thing become a bit of an embarassment, after Joss accepted the nomination and all. I mean, all the money we as a fandom can raise for various causes, but almost nothing to give Joss his due. (And yes, I know that Joss would rather all money go to charity, because that's just the kind of guy he is; but he did accept the efforts for the star, didn't decline it and request that people donate any money they would give toward a star to charity instead. So I think he's kind of expecting a star. And I wish we could give him one, regardless of the fact that I don't really think this should have been an effort to begin with-not because he's not deserving, but because it says more about money than talent.)

Blah, but that's neither here nor there. Sorry to 'jack this thread. The charity screenings are a very worthy cause, and I like the idea of putting out a jar for a star.
Yay, Cleveland's doing it again!

This year I'm going in costume, and I will win!

Is your costume a secret/surprise or can you tell us?
We should be able to announce our confirmed date for the Vancouver (BC) screening by the end of March. Check out our blog at for date, time, tickets, sponsors/donors and more details as they become available.

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Anonymous1, it's just a Mal costume. But last year, my best friend--who at the time had never seen anything from Joss--told me she wouldn't come with me if I dressed up. However, she's now a huge Jossaholic (she just started on Angel S1), and when I dressed up as Mal for Halloween she told me she would've had absolutely no problem with me going in costume last summer if she had actually known that's what the costume would look like.

So this year...

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