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March 23 2007

"Skins" writers love Buffy. This series just finished on E4. I've thoroughly enjoyed it's quirky off-the-wall style (even finished last night on a song).

Skins is love. Each episode taking place from a different perspective, showing adults as just as mixed up as teenagers and crapping on Dawson's Creek images of being a teenager was refreshing. T'was a great series, and I'm glad to see it's returning.

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I must admit, C4's marketing lowered my expectations considerably, but fortunately those expectations were confounded.

I wanted to see more of Madison Twatter after he was revealed as a gifted clarinettist. Best joke of the series.
E4? C4? Are you guys going to blow something up??

Oh wait, must be one of them thar funky Euro tv things.
C4= one of the five terrestial TV channels in the UK (pity us!) and E4= their digital channel. They're like the cool TV people. They hope.

I love Skins. It's better than Shameless, I think. I can see why they'd like Buffy- there's not many other shows that treat teenagers as people.
Yeah, I hated shameless. Abbott's well overrated. All his episodes of Cracker were rubbish.
Clips I've seen on YouTube of their advertising makes this show look ridiculously trashy (Though that one Gossip song "Standing In the Way of Control" sounds really catchy for some reason). That still has me pretty curious though. While The OC seemed to make everything acceptable, sweet, and proactively nostalgic, here it seems to be taking the standard "wild hedonism!" stuff you'd normally see associated with characters a decade older than this cast, except not really in that "cautionary tale" sense.

That sounds like a really interesting writing staff though, I can't really think of very many other series in any country that seems to be so youth-oriented that isn't a public-access children's show. It's also weird that they have such a huge cast when I assume the show has the same shorter season/series run than American shows. I sort of wonder if there's any hope of it getting picked up by anything in the US.

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