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March 23 2007

Done the Impossible folks donate $5000 to Equality Now! From the site "Thanks to and in the name of Browncoats around the world who purchased our DVD, Done The Impossible has donated $5,000 to Equality Now." Also, the DVD reached the rank of 259 on Amazon. Not too shabby.

This story is actually a few weeks old, I did not even know about it, until I checked their site. I did an archive search but didn't see this posted so sorry if it has been posted already. I am ecstatic about this. Another chapter in the ongoing tale of fandom and charity work.

ETA: It just hit me, that the sales of the documentary must have been really good to warrent sucha sizable donation, since I am sure a large part of the dvd cost must have covered expenses etc. I wonder how many dvds were sold from release till the end of 2006.

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This is great news that I hadn't read before. The guys did a good thing.

I wonder too how many have sold. Wish they had a counter on their website. You know how we don't know how many Serenity DVDs have sold. It would be a nice number to know. Like knowing how many members the various (5022 members here) websites many friends Nathan (over 19000) Fillion has.
Well in the case of this documentary, I am sure the organizers can get the number easily since one does not have to worry about hollywood accounting etc. And I do have to admit, I did not think they would be able to donate a sizable amount.
We've sold somewhere between 8,500 and 9,000 copies. And we've given away about 1,000. And the (yes legal) bittorrent has been downloaded about 10,510 times.
This is fantastic. How many other fandoms can say they have such support, or have done such a good thing in the name of said fandom?
Well just to be fair, from what little I seen, doing chairty work is a big aspect of being in fandom. I know in the trek fandom(Im not invovled) there is a good amount of charity work... as well as I think in the star wars fandom. Anyways, that does not diminish how proud I feel to be a browncoat. I LOVE my fandom :)
This just goes to show you that these are good guys. I know they have gone above and beyond for many Browncoat events and causes. I am confident their facilitation of the Browncoat Cruise will be impecable.Great work guys. Again, I am proud to be a Browncoat, and to be associated with the DTI group.
Wow, that's a lot of DVD sales! Awesome work.
For various reasons, I've put off buying this DVD. But I just ordered my copy. And I think I join other fans in saying "thank you" for contributing to Equality Now in our names. I, too, feel proud to be a browncoat.
I am likewise thrilled. I pre-ordered a couple copies early on, and was truly impressed with the result. For those who download the bittorrent, you are getting the documentary, but not the tons of extra footage and wonderful interactive content on the disc. As a professional who uses the same tools employed in the creation of the DVD and interactive content, I am genuinely impressed and proud of the team that put it together. And now this donation to EN - this makes my day.
Whoa! Yay Done the Impossible people, on your good sales, Amazon sales rank and your Big Damn Hearts for giving the big donation to Equality Now! :-D

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