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March 23 2007

SLiTHER 8th best reviewed film of 2006. A list of the 50 best reviewed wide-release films of 2006 is up at SLiTHER comes in at number 8.

It's a really old article (I think originally posted in January), but I checked the archives and didn't see it mentioned. Apologies if it has!

Yeah, Captain! I mean Whoo-hoo, Sheriff!
You better keep it straight- he's Bill Pardy.

I enjoyed the movie, but I wouldn't have expected it to be so well reviewed. Rock on!
wow. i thought Slither was nigh unto terrible.

i mean, there was some cool Fillion scene fun, but all in all, it was not a Good Movie.

of course, Borat and United 93 were in the top 5 -- so i'm not inclined to weight the results too heavily.
So Stuart, you didn't like Slither, Borat, OR United 93? Kerrazy!
Borat in high five? Wha-wha-whee-wha--Great success!

I haven't actually seen Slither (yet). I thought that both the other two deserved their placement honestly, although I do understand the moral objections to United 93 and haven't quite decided where I stand on it.
Between Slither getting eighth place and Casino Royale getting first, I am quite impressed with the top ten. Except for Borat but I guess I am just one of the rare individuals who finds Sasha Baron Cohen's schtick not as amusing as it is made out to be;)
The first 15 minutes of Slither were very David Lynchian, the rest was just ok. Nathan was fine but the film didn't scream to me "cult movie" or anything like that.
I'm afraid I didn't really think that highly of SLiTHER, either. It certainly had its moments, but... sorry, James! Please don't pelt me with rotten gourds.
Casino Royale, Slither, United 93 and Borat were all good movies to me. Why was Slither called SLiTHER, anybody know?
James explained it on one of his blogs a while back. If I recall correctly, it boiled down to he just felt like it.
Cos it's creepy ! Whooooaaahhaa, see ? Like Se7en or Numb3rs (only creepier, cos maths ? Not that scary).

I thought 'Slither' (as i'm gonna continue to call it ;) was a pretty decent 'B' movie and wasn't ashamed of the fact. Must say though without Nathan's delivery, a lot of the lines would only have been so-so IMO. Still, many, many worse ways to kill a couple of hours (there's 'Stealth' for instance) and i'll be getting the DVD when it dips below the eight quid mark (as much for the commentary as anything else, both James and Nathan being pretty entertaining fellows).
Yay, Slither! (its too hard to type it out "SLiTHER")
I loved it. :)
I loved SLiTHER. I only watched it a few weeks ago and it was better than I was expecting. I loved it mostly 'cause some of the quotes were just hilarious!

Glad to see it got 8th.
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhit! My favourite Slither line.
I don't know if I'd put Slither below The Descent in 8th place. In many ways, it's equally as good, they're just different creatures (man, I just crack myself up sometimes). For me, it's like a 50's monster movie transplanted to the 21st century, only with niftier special effects, hugely better writing, knee-slapping in-jokes, and a hell of a lot of wit. Plus, there's a monster that you can actually feel some real compassion for. I don't believe I've ever seen a genre movie pull that off as well, and for that I give James huge props.

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