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March 23 2007

More info about Serenity LA in November. In various posts to the linked thread on the STARFURY boards, Sean Harry provies more details and information on the forthcoming LA con. It's scattered throughout (reg. required).

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To be honest, with the actual event page (and tickets) due to go live in April I am thinking this might be a bit of an information overload. Although I could be wrong.
Yeah, can you save the publicity until *after* I've bought my ticket. Cheers ;-)
Well, since Sean is saying it publicly, let me be the first to THANK him publicly for his behind-the-scenes help with the Backup Bash. Sean had asked us to keep that on the down-low, to prevent his assistance from being seen as something less than the altruistic gesture it truly was.

As I've said in the past, there were many people without whom B3 would not have been possible, and Sean definitely played one of the most critical parts in that whole process. Our mantra that weekend was "venue is the key," because if we didn't have somewhere to hold our events, there couldn't have been a B3.

Sean, you have my respect, and my thanks. I -- and every other Browncoat who worked on or attended B3 -- owe you an enormous debt of gratitude.
I'm not overjoyed with reproducing people's comments from a board where you have to register. It's not really cricket.
I was only joking btw t1tb :-)

I don't follow cricket, but I've seen that it's gone all Agatha Christie in recent days. What's that all about? Bizarre.
Plus looking at the board there is really no new information.
Yes there is new information, mainly about pricing, since the other item posted here the other day. It's just tough to find in all the chatter and miles-long sig files.

The gist of the pricing part is that they expect the "golden ticket" option to be less than half of the major ticket level Booster had for Flan, which was around $850. That info wasn't around yet the other day.

There's other random bits of new stuff in there, you'll just have to dig for them. He explains a bit about why the set of diffrent venue spaces and who gets access to what, that the event will have its own US website and boards when it goes live in April, that the money/tickets are being handled separately from the UK events and so can only be used for this event (in reponse to the Booster issues), and that there will be no payment plans.

ETA: Also now new, he will be arranging deals with local hotels in the area.

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I guess I don't see it as news when it's expected from what he posted the last time. He had mention tiered tickets before. As far as the actual price it was kinda expected to be less than Booster, I see it as more inline with the Creation cost. It's typical for events to try to get a hotel deal as well, but he didn't mention with which hotel. I would expect all that news when the offical site launches in 2 weeks or so. New, news would be if there will be reserved seating, and how many actual Gold tickets he plans on selling or how many attendees he is expecting in general.

Or maybe cause of been there and done that, my idea of news is slightly different from others expectations. I would think this might be a con news but not .com news at this time.

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Maybe it was "expected" by you, but nothing about even ballparks on costs had been something I'd inferred from anything I've seen him post. So that part was plenty new to me, and judging by the discussion around and about today, new to a ton of other people also.

My apologies if I don't do the con thing as a habit and never have, and so I don't just "know" all of these things. :P

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Sorry guess it's just the con observer in me. I seem to forget that people don't pay attention to the forrest when a few trees will do. So news to some is not news to others and visa versa. The only thing that stood out to me is the mention their would be the 3rd party payment handling the sales, that was a bit of odd to me.

[ edited by RavenU on 2007-03-25 20:30 ]
RavenU I'm thinking that that is a way to avoid incorporating in the USA (but using an existing US corporation), also any money taken in here in California has a hefty sales tax on it so they want to be sure someone else is dealing with all those issues.

I'm still more worried that there will be no reserve seating because there won't be enough chairs for everyone in the first place.
It's got great potential and promise and I'm excited to see a Starfury Con run in the US (as they've been hugely popular in the UK).

I'm just hoping it isn't run like a Creation Con. Because I would never, ever, pay to attend one of those.

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