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March 23 2007

Save One Show. How I met Your Mother and Veronica Mars feature in this year's poll at EOnline. There's also a breakdown of each show's chances here.

Strange that she'd include shows that are pretty much a shoo in for renewal, surely it's better just to concentrate all the votes on the shows in genuine danger. Which is why I don't feel guilty about not voting for 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother or Scrubs.

Went for Veronica Mars myself. I'll be upset if Studio 60 gets cancelled, but I loves me some Veronica.

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How I Met Your Mother was also tempting, but seems to have better odds, so I joined the VERONICA MARS boosters. VM has had a kinda lousy season, but it ended so well. I'm hopeful. Almost anything they come up with, even FBI Veronica, would be better. Give Veronica Mars a chance, that's all I ask!

OTOH, a world without Lily would be sad, too...
I'd be really surprised if HIMYM didn't return. It did really well in ratings.
It was a tossup for me between Scrubs, Studio 60 and Gilmore Girls... Had to go with the Girls, 'cus I would miss them most of all if they weren't to return for another season.
Maeve said:
"VM has had a kinda lousy season, but it ended so well."

The season hasn't finished yet, there's still another 5 episodes to go, it's coming back when this PussyCat Dolls rubbish finishes.
I don't think HIMYM is as safe as people think it is, I was certain it would be back next year but reading the blind item in Ausiello's blog yesterday has got me a little more worried about it's chances.

Also, what's with tearing down the bar set?
Could just be that they can't afford to keep the set up during the off-season. Also seems a bit pointless to be taking up a stage and not using it for 3/4 months. I'm sure they used to tear down Central Perk every year.
Sorry, had to go with Studio 60.
I'm gonna have to go with Studio 60. I honestly think it has zero chance of coming back, but... well, keep my fingers crossed.

Veronica would be my second choice, as I don't think it has gone downhill quality-wise much if at all, but I like Matthew Perry so he wins.
I thought HIMYM was doing pretty well, anyway I am supporting Veronica Mars (but I'm not sanguine). I did think that VM was weaker this year than previously, but it was still full of surprising twists and great characters. I'm afraid Gilmore Girls has totally run out of ideas, and Studio 60 never had any (but I'm thinking the latter is already gone for good regardless).
Veronica, barely had to think about it (though I suspect it's a forlorn hope to be honest).

Sorry to say that 'Studio 60' hasn't lived up to its early promise for me, loved the pilot, loved elements of several episodes since and I still dig the style of dialogue (even if it is up its own arse a lot of the time IMO) but some of the characters have really started to annoy me (in the bad way). I'm also not that interested in it being re-tooled as a romantic dramedy (though the stuff between Matt and Harriet at the awards ceremony was excellent - it had the bite of real nastiness that only two people in love or just out of it can show to each other). The roof thing between Danny and Jordan though ? Kept waiting for Sorkin to subvert that hoariest of old clichés and, to my mind, he never did.
I had to be the odd person out and go with Supernatural this time.
Is One Tree Hill jumping 4 years to the future too?
Maybe all the shows on the CW should flash forward could be nice to shake up some more shows (Smallville, Gilmore Girls).

I voted for Veronica. *fingers crossed*
Jericho for me. Family drama set in the backdrop of a nuclear war. What's there not to love? It's my new guilty viewing pleasure.
Veronica Mars gets my vote.
I'm with TamaraC on the Supernatural vote. Nothing against the cast of HIMYM, but I never got into the show. And as much as I adore Veronica, I have to agree with the masses that the quality of the show has dropped this season. On the other hand, Supernatural has really shined this year, and I hate to think of it not coming back for another year of thrills 'n chills.
Friday Night Lights gets my vote, as it verges on genius so many times per episode. Quite like 30 Rock too, although it's a class(or two) below.
I am also with tamarac on Supernatural. On a whim I bought the DVD set for S1 and have found myself getting into it. I now thoroughly enjoy it.

I am surprised to be reading about the potential cancellation of HIMYM. I honestly see no reason why it would not be renewed. Barney is becoming one of those cultural icons that people like to chat about; Lily is one of those lusty creatures that comedies need, and overall, though it is by no means a show I watch with any regularity, I thought it was doing well. Though in truth, I don't know how long they can stretch out not letting us know who he finally marries, since we know it is not Robin Sparkles.
Had to go with Friday Night Lights. It's truly one of the best written shows on TV this season, but it can't seem to maintain an audience.
Studio 60 for me. I dont think it has a chance of coming back, but I can dream. Whats interesting is that I think it will come down to either Friday Night Lights or Studio 60, and FNL will probably get get the pick up.
Voted for Veronica Mars here. I have always loved this show. I hope it does well in the Save One Show campaign.
Went with Supernatural, because it's my guilty pleasure. Though I did feel bad about not voting for Friday Night Lights. I think it's one of the best (if not the best) new show, quality-wise, this season, and it's a pity it's not getting a larger audience. As for Veronica Mars, I'm a fan of the show, but I think it's gotten one too many chances now. And with the quality going down each progressive season, I really do not see the point anymore.

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Yay! People are with me. It's a new feeling.
Veronica here. It was a toss up though. I *love* Studio 60. Almost voted for it, but I have three years invested in Veronica's life. I can't let her down. I also love me some GG. They've had a nice run, and I won't be too upset if they don't come back. The others I watch on the list, Scrubs and HIMYM, I'm pretty sure will come back.
Veronica Mars in the FBI sounds cool to me.
Not even a contest. There is no show that has earned a second chance more than Friday Night Lights. It's the only non-Whedon show that I am considering buying multiple DVD copies of to pass out to family and friends. (OK, that and BSG!)
VM here, I hope it gets a chance to get back on track. It's been a bit disappointing this year, but I still like it better than most everything else on offer. I haven't been crazy about HIMYM, much though I wanted to be. I tried. AH is charming as Lily, but that's about it for me.
I was torn between Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock, so I went with FNL. But it let me vote the next day so I went with 30 Rock and now I feel satisfied I've done what I can for good tv.
I went with Supernatural too! I like HiMYM, but it doesn't seem to be in much danger. As much as I loved VM's first season and would be glad to see it continue, it seems to be on a downhill slope these days. Studio 60 makes me oddly angry for some reason. But Supernatural keeps getting better and better, and those cancellations are the ones that really sting, the ones where the show's future was all shiny.

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The season hasn't finished yet, there's still another 5 episodes to go, it's coming back when this PussyCat Dolls rubbish finishes.

Yay! I didn't know that. This season may not have been as good as the first, but I still love it.
Oddly the only show of these I watch is Veronica Mars, and I've spent most of this season hoping the show is put out of its misery soon. (I know, I should stop watching right? It's all about hope.) Unless something miraculously changes in quality in the final five of this season, which I will be watching, I probably will give up and not watch a season four if it happens.

When did my tastes get to be popular? My favourite show on TV still in a season is the American Office, which is doing so very well. (I guess my favourite TV show currently on generally, if finished its season, is Dexter which has the advantage of cable....)

I do want to see some of these shows though.
I went with Supernatural. I'd hate to see that not return.
TamaraC, you've got more company. I voted for Supernatural as well. As someone said, it's a really good show that's still improving, it would be such a shame for it to be cancelled now (see Angel).

My favorite of the shows on the list is Friday Night Lights. I love that show, I love those characters. I just didn't vote for it because I felt like it needs the vote less than Supernatural. I may go back and vote for FNL later.

Veronica Mars, I've kind of lost the passion for, I've already kind of moved on. And Studio 60 should have been better than it is. Maybe Sorkin needs to lose the show to find a better track.
That was really cold, jam2.
I haven't watched Friday Night Lights, although I've heard its good. I've been wanting to watch it, but honestly...I watch too much TV as it is.

Gilmore Girls and Scrubs are not the brilliant TV shows they once were. Its sad that if they were to end this season, it wouldn't go out with a bang...just fizzle in the background.

30 Rock and Studio 60: if I had to save one, I'd pick 30 over 60. Studio 60 was good while it lasted, but I haven't missed it to be honest. 30 Rock started out slow for me, but its actually pretty funny. I'm afraid they may be casualties of NBC's game show kick.

How I Met Your Mother is in trouble?? Something must be done! This is the BEST traditional four-camera sitcom (and the only show I watch with a laugh track) on TV, and it only gets better. I *love* this season. Can you imagine a world without an episode like "Slap Bet?" If there was a show to save, it would be this one. Check out this YouTube vid to know what I'm talking about. Veronica Mars is good, but I keep recommending HIMYM to people, and would honestly hate to see it go.

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Jericho for me. Family drama set in the backdrop of a nuclear war. What's there not to love? It's my new guilty viewing pleasure.

One spot of rain on any one of us and we are all going to die INSTANTLY! Run! Run to the mines! Oh, it is next week and now we shall have lots of sparkly shots of our children playing in the fountain.

I am only sad that they seems to have dialed down the amusingly stupendous levels of, um, stupidity.
One spot of rain on any one of us and we are all going to die INSTANTLY! Run! Run to the mines! Oh, it is next week and now we shall have lots of sparkly shots of our children playing in the fountain.

That can be fan wanked away.
Oh so now nuclear war is supposed to be bad for us too ? Jeez, next they'll start picking on hydrogenated fats, just you wait ...

Don't knock it till you've tried it I say.
I voted "How I Met Your Mother". I was quite shocked to find out it wasn't on the save side, and immidiatly knew that I was going to vote for it. It's one of my favourite television series at the moment.

"Studio 60" was, in my opinion, the letdown of the year. To me there is still hope that somehow Sorkin will all of a sudden start to satisfy my expectations (since he clearly should be able to make great television with his talent and the talented cast the show has), but that hope is the only reason I would like to keep it around. I would hate it if Sorkin's television carrier would be killed together with the show, but I'd rather have him back with a good series someday or going back to making movies, than another bad season of Studio 60 next year.

I have loved "Gilmore Girls" for years, but after this 7th season I really don't care anymore. We've had some decent episodes this year, but Amy and Dan are missed a lot. I hope Amy's new show "The Return of Jezebel James" can take it's place.

I like watching "Veronica Mars" a lot more than "Studio 60" and "Gilmore Girls", and like the FBI scenario a lot, but I wouldn't be as shocked if it left as I would be if it was "How I Met Your Mother".
Gotta go with Veronica....she needs it most. And I would miss her!
I voted for Supernatural. Its totally my new obsession. This season has been awesome, and this week's episode was top notch. It would be heart breaking for this quality show to be cancelled.
I went for One Tree Hill, but I love a lot of those shows on the list.
Yikes. I really meant no offense, Storyteller. I apologize.

If you're referring to my Sorkin comment, I didn't mean that he needs the pain of losing the show, rather that he might be on the wrong track with Studio 60 and may need to be forced off of it. Maybe the Groosalugg expressed the idea better than I did:
I would hate it if Sorkin's television carrier would be killed together with the show, but I'd rather have him back with a good series someday or going back to making movies, than another bad season of Studio 60 next year.

FWIW, I like S60, watch it every week, but I think Sorkin can do better.
Supernatural for me. I'd be so lost without my big damned black car fix - to say nothing of the drool factor of Dean Winchester.
Let's see...I enjoy How I Met Your Mother (I think it's hilarious, and I'm not a fan of the half-hour comedy as a rule), Supernatural is my guilty pleasure (plus, I think Jensen Ackles is completely hot), Jericho has an interesting concept without being too cheesy, Studio 60 has the opportunity to get so much better (and I think the writing is very well done)...I watch all of them (I thank the Tivo Gods everyday), and would be sad to see any of them go. However, I just rented seasons one and two of Veronica Mars (thanks Whedonesquers for always speaking so highly of it) and I fell in love with it from the first episode. I enjoy the writing, the snarkiness so reminicent of Buffy, and the mysteries to solve. Needless to say, I voted for Veronica.
One question: Maybe I'm blind, but I didn't see anything that said you could only vote once, so I checked and I was able to vote again. Although I think that will result in inaccurate counting, I guess some of you that want more than one show could go back and vote again.
Veronica Mars, because I need the tiny blonde one to keep annoying like the wind. I'm there with most of you on S1>S2>S3, but as I've said, the worst VM is still better than the best rest of most.

Much as I've enjoyed Studio 60, and would (will) hate to see it go, if a choice has to be made, that is mine - but I would prefer to keep both. I don't watch so much current TV that I want to lose two of my favs.
Haven't we learned by now never to trust that Kristen person?

Also, these articles about which show has the better chance of coming back/getting canned are mostly speculation. Let's just wait and see what happens and cry together when/if we hear the bad news.

(I picked HIMYM)
A fairly simple choice for me as there was only one show on the list that I still watch and enjoy anyway, that being the superb Supernatural. Looking at the ratings I have to admit that I'm not hopeful of seeing a third season but it really does deserve to carry on. If they do renew I just hope they move it to a timeslot where it won't get slaughtered by the likes of Grey's and CSI but either way the show should be brought back.

Unfortunately I'm one of those that can't say the same for Veronica Mars. To be honest I wasn't as big a fan of the show in the first place as some around here but season one was very entertaining. Season two let me down and, although admittedly only going off what I've read around here, I don't think I'm going to particularly enjoy season three when and if I watch it. That being the case, I won't be losing any sleep if season four doesn't happen.

As for the rest, never seen any of them beyond an occasional episode (none of which made any lasting impression). Shows like Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill don't really interest me at all and I'm not really a sitcom kinda guy (although Scrubs is pretty funny, I have to admit). I tried Jericho but after about six episodes I just lost all interest and forgot to watch.

So at the end of all that it's only Supernatural that I'm bothered about. Lost, Battlestar Galactica, 24, Stargate Atlantis and Heroes are renewed anyway so I've only got one of my must-watch shows still facing an uncertain future. Not bad really.
Wow, I was shocked to see some shows on that list. Why would 30 Rock not be renewed? And I thought HIMYM was doing well.

While I'd be interested in seeing VM come back in the new format, I voted for Supernatural. I've only seen the last 6 episodes of it but it seems to be a really overlooked show. I think the writing structure is pretty tight, the leads do well with their roles, and it's a genre show which can always use support on network TV. By comparison VM has gone steadily downhill since the opening of S2 and the next season would be in many respects a completely new show. I prefer to lend my support to a show that has shown steady improvement (and could yet show more if given a chance) than one that's done the reverse.
But...where is all the What About Brian love?
I voted for Veronica Mars. Sure this season has been kinda disapointing, and the rumours that S4 will be all stand alone episodes is worrying, but it'sstill fraking Veronica Mars!
I voted for Veronica Mars but would happily vote for Supernatural too. I would love to see VM 4 years in the future in the FBI.
Buffy! Oops...Angel. WTF? What year is it, again?

Sorry, having a bad flashback this weekend...
I voted for Supernatural as well. It's the only network show I watch.
I had to go for The Class, that show always has me rollin' and if it goes, I'll be wicked pissed. I also want Studio 60 and HIMYM to hang around, but Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars were awful so this season, that I'm almost to the point where I hope that they get put to sleep.
Though I was not happy with the third season of VM, I'm willing to give Rob another chance. Pushing the series forward several years when Varonica is in FBI training.....that may work. It's kinda' of a catch 22 here, isn't it? The charm that caught us during the first season was the mystery of her friend's death. Then, UPN steered the second season into .......what? Yeah, you got me too! This mindset seemed to follow through the third season as well. I'm repeating myself, sorry.

As for "HIMYM, that's a no-brainer. It will be reneweled. Good news for Aly. I've never watched it, but I'm glad Aly got her wish. As for the other shows on the list, I can't say hay nor nay.

My only bitch is no Joss Whedon show's. BSG is pretty good and '24' keeps me quessing, but I need thought to my characters and storyline. None of the shows on the air today can hold a candle to Joss.

Sorry, stepping off my soapbox.
Madhatter said:

"None of the shows on the air today can hold a candle to Joss."

Have you seen every show on the air today ? I haven't so I try not to make a habit of saying that. I can point to a few shows that are still running on HBO and Showtime that do it for me as well as Joss' do, just in different ways (major highlight of the season's newbies being Dexter from last year).

Can I save Arrested Development from last year instead ?

Is The Office at all at risk?

I voted for Studio 60. I'm disappointed that it's being retooled as a romantic dramedy too, but it deserves more of a chance. But the format change (should it ever return and those episodes be seen before it hits DVD) is definitely a letdown. I really wanted to see Sorkin's vision of NBS going up against the FCC.

Don't watch any of the other shows on that list, though I'd like to return to Scrubs eventually by catching up with the DVDs (definite buy for me). I'd also really like to start renting Supernatural.

Was kinda curious about Friday Night Lights even before it aired just for the jock eyecandy (or actors-pretending-to-be-jocks, whatever). Then people started saying it's well-written and I kinda feel like it's a must-see now. But it's a frickin football drama, how much depth could it have without seeming even more ludicrous than your average network drama set-up ? Oh wait, that's not fair. We got one season of Playmakers on ESPN and that was actually a pretty damn good football drama.

Hah, Jericho. I watched the catch-up episode in February that tells you the gist of what happened in the first eleven episodes. Bleh. I like Skeet Ulrich a lot (poor Miracles), as well as a number of other actors in that (they've got "Hearst" from Deadwood as the mayor/Skeet's dad, plus Sprague Graydon from Six Feet Under), but they're not enough to get me to tune into that again.
I wish this poll told you the standings after you voted like most polls do. I voted for VM. I like Supernatural and I hope it gets renewed. I agree that it's improved a lot, but it still doesn't consistently have the quality that even off-episodes of VM do.
Have you seen every show on the air today
No, Kris, I haven't. Judging from your reply, you're close. Give me a walk through, please. There's a smile there.
Supernatural all the way. I like VM, but I would get over it. I would not get over not having Supernatural to look forward to every week. I can't even believe it is on the list, it has been so good this season and it justs keeps getting better.
The Office has already been renewed for a fourth season.
Veronica Mars. I needs me some Veronica.

I've grown to like Supernatural too, and hope it gets renewed, but the writing is inconistent. Sometimes at the end of a great episode I think the show has really hit its stride, and sometimes, like last week, I'm flipping channels by Act IV. In stand-alone episodes they occasionally go for the big moments with big emotions that are almost impossible to earn in 40 minutes. But hey, at least they're trying to do something interesting, even if they don't always succeed in this viewer's estimation.
OK, here's the tally so far:

Veronica Mars: 14 votes
How I Hate Your Mother: 4 votes
GMC(?): 1 vote

Hmm, favor tends to lend towards VM.

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