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March 23 2007

Badger goes Bionic. Mark Sheppard has revealed in his blog that he's been cast in the new Bionic Woman pilot.

No word yet on what the role is, but this will mark a return for him to Vancouver, where he filmed Battelstar Galactica last year.

David Eick is totally plucking from his BSG folks for this Bionic Woman thing! First , now Romo!
I read this as "cast as the new Bionic Woman".
Ha! I did too.
Jamie Somers, Buffy Summers - ok, don't really know where I was going with that, but I just had to say it.

Bionic Woman? Adam with breasts? No, enough smart-ass, this could be really good. Good for Mark. Boy, he sure is working a lot, hmm? Good agent, probably. Plus talent. And maybe some good friends, too. :)
And here I was going to do as Mrs. Ron said on the BSG podcast and write in and tell Ron that we need more Romo next year!
I read this as "cast as the new Bionic Woman".

It would've helped the fan drive to get Morgan Freeman cast as Wonder Woman...
Pliny, not sure if Mark's role in Bionic Woman will be recurring or if it's a one-off. Even if it's recurring, with Bionic Woman and BSG shoot in Vancouver, so no reason he couldn't return as Romo on BSG.

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Since another character from BSG is in the pilot and is sure to return to BSG (no matter what anyone else says) it is completely reasonable that this is a one off role for Mark. I hope the BSG door is still open.
Why are people afraid to say that Katee Sachoff (Starbuck) is a guest star on Bionic Woman? It's no more of a spoiler than saying Mark Sheppard is in Bionic Woman (and that is in the heading).
This is great news. Congrats to Mark, I'm really enjoying his role as Lampkin. I have liked him ever since his guest spot on the X-Files all those years ago - even though he scared the crap out of me as a 10 year old!!


First Katee, then Tricia for that other pilot, now Mark!!!

I am getting more and more excitied by this pilot though - it has a lot of potential... But it better not conflict with the their roles on BSG, OR ELSE !!!!
Zoic_Fan, I think it is just some of us living in denial about events on this season of BSG and not wanting to jinx things. You are right it isn't a spoiler, it just feels wrong to say. :)
Huh, I hadn't heard a thing about the Bionic Woman project (much less its casting). It could be a good thing to see it revived in the right hands. It used to be one of my favorite shows back in the day. Has the lead been cast yet?

Yes, Michelle Ryan has been cast as Jamie Sommers. She is an English actor that I am totally unfamiliar with.
I just didn't want anyone to freak out about 'Starbuck' getting another job already. True, it means nothing to the character of Starbuck if Sackhoff's just a guest star on another show, but I think there are a lot of people who don't want to think about the possibility of Starbuck being dead and gone and Sackhoff moving on to a new job.
And BSG fans probably care less about Mark being on a new show, because he's not a regular on BSG. (Then again, neither is Sackhoff for now...)
Rogue Slayer,

I won't go into detail about why we can expect to see Katee Sachoff back on BSG next year, but her role on Bionic Woman is a guess staring role, not regular cast member and she is still under contract with BSG.
Besides, this role in the Bionic Woman pilot wouldn't conflict with BSG anyway, as the BW pilot is shooting during BSG's hiatus.
When I first heard about it, I thought reviving Battlestar Galactica was a dumb idea. I have the same knee-jerk reaction to reviving Bionic Woman, but I've learned to reserve judgment. It will probably be brilliant in some way that I can't imagine.
Michelle Ryan was in an English soap, Eastenders. She is really well known over here. There is a brief bio here.

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