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March 24 2007

And happy birthday to Alyson Hannigan. She turns thirty three today.

As do I. She looks better though.

Happy birthday, Simon!
Happy birthday Simon, have a good 'un.

(quick kids make a mess or have 'shippy fights or something while he's distracted ;-)

And to Ms Hannigan too, never seen Simon but I have to agree, she looks better ;).
No longer the ingenue! Simon, that is... ;-)
Happy birthday Simon!

Oh, and Alyson too!
Happy Birthday Simon and Alyson. C'mon - admit it - you only posted this so you could get birthday wishes too!!! Kidding.
Many happy returns! (To both of you. And someone else I know as well.)
Happy Birthday, Alyson.
Happy Birthday Alyson and Simon!
Happy Birthday, Simon!
Wishing a fun and exciting b-day to both Simon and Aly!
Happy Birthday Aly and Simon!
Many happies for the both of you!
Best birthday wishes from me as well! ^_^
Happy birthday to the youngsters!
Happy Birthday, Simon! May your birthday wish come true. (Or is that only in the U.S. where you make a wish when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake? 33 candles in your case.) Wishing you the best.
Happy birthday Simon!
Simon, don't worry about it. I only turn 32 later this year and yet Aly looks better than I do, too. Damn those Hollywood types! :D

A happy birthday to you both!
one of the few who are still older than me, and once I used to be the youngster. watching sports can make you feel really, really old... happy birthday to you two too...
Felicitations to you both! 8 ]
Happy birthday to Simon :)
Happy Birthday Simon and Aly!
Hippobirdies to Simon and Alyson! Have a blast.
Happy Birthday Alyson....ah, and Simon.
Hope you are both having a great day.
Simon and Alyson, have a wonderful day and many happy returns! Also, make Alexis take you out to dinner. That goes for both of you. ;-)
Okay. I know that Aly is older than I am, but I simply refuse to accept that she is over thirty. She looks too good. She looks, in fact, much younger than not-even-25-year-old me. That probably has something to do with the fact that she's cuter. And thinner. And female. And a redhead.

Happy birthday, Alyson!
And Simon, just so you know...we all know you're quite the stud. :) Happy birthday to you as well.
Just wanted to add my birthday wishes to Aly. Hippy happy birthday, Alyson!

And you too Simon.
Happy Birthday to Simon and the ever gorgeous Aly.
Alyson, you are my goddess!'re okay too.
I wish a wonderful birthday cheer to our Simon, one of the best MODs on the 'net, and Aly, my favorite actress in the northern hemispere. May this day's celebrations be yours!
Happy belated to Simon and AH...but mostly Simon because I know him better. ;-)

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