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March 24 2007

Favorite Actress under 40. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eliza Dushku are two of the choices on IMDb's Daily Poll (which is now closed btw).

It's all about the Natalie P. and Scarlett J. for me. :)
Picking favorites is hard. I love so many of the actresses listed, but went with Drew Barrymore. Of them all, imho, she is the most intriguing professionally, in both her on and off screen endevours.

(Ignore my typos, I'm too lazy today to spellcheck. You'd understand if you could see me: 3:30pm and still in my jammies.)
Rachel McAdams for me. Would've voted for Alyson Hannigan though.
Had to go with the best actor in the bunch. Natalie Portman.
Had to go with Natalie. We people have to support our own. It does help that from Leon to V for Vendeta she is a great actress.
I went with Zooey, though Drew and Natalie were close.
Wow, so many good ones to pick from. I love Natalie, Claire, Reese, AND Rachel. But, in the end, had to go with SMG.
I was a t comic-con last year when Kevin Smith was supposed to be on stage... so, had to go with Rosario Dawson. She sang for us. I mean, how can you beat that?
The others on the list are great, but Sarah Michelle Gellar is sheer actress perfection.
This is a tough list. Too many good choices.

While on the topic though, I'd love to see Eliza pursuing a career as an action star. She's got the tough sexy, sans skank, paired with a cherub face. And she walks like a fighter.
I'd have to go with Sarah. She really is one of my favorite actesses no matter the age.
With apologies to the ladies of Chez Buffy - I voted for Nat. She can tap dance.
I voted for SMG ma'self. As fer you others, no undue fussin' about yer choices.

I almost went to Eliza. She's ahead of Claire Danes, Milla, Julia Stiles- oh my!

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"She can tap dance."

LOL, yes she can. Gaw I love that scene in Garden State, and I assume thats what you were referring too mythtaken?

I voted for SMG however, though Natalie is awesome and in two of my favorite films, V for Vendetta and Garden State. Good stuff.
How did things to get to be between us and the actors we love, rather than the producers and ecxecutives we loathe?
Stand by, took me awhile to get my walker to this thread. Please speak up, I can't read as well as I can hear. What was that?
Those're some tough choices but I think i'd have to go with Natalie Portman too (or would've if it was still open) and not just cos then i'd be a winner, a winner I tells ya, woohoo ! Ahem ;). There's a bit in 'Beautiful Girls' (decent movie, BTW) where she does this little 'micro-expression' of hurt, so fast it almost seems involuntary, that was just a wonder to behold. Thought then and still do now, the lassie has talent out the wazoo.

Also, clever and pretty ? Not at all a bad combination ;).
There are a few names on this list I could choose between. And there are some names missing, although I note another poll is planned. Amongst the younger actors (not named here), I'd give a shout to Anna Faris.

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