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March 24 2007

X-Men's Mike Carey is a total Whedon fan-boy. Clearly a man of excellent taste.

The X-Men writer discusses his current work on the title at and, when questioned on which X-books he reads and which of them is his favourite, had the following to say.

I read all of them. FavouriteÖ hard to say. Donít you find that you go to each of the X-books for something different? If you twisted my arm, Iíd say Astonishing, because Iím such a Joss Whedon fan-boy.

Also includes information on plans for X-Men #200 and beyond.

So many writers who got their start on the indie comics scene (or at least became popular that way) have ended up writing X-books these past few years.

This reminds me that I need to pick up the rest of Mike Carey's Lucifer in trade paperback, never got past the first three volumes. Excellence. Would've thought they could milk Neil Gaiman's Sandman that much more and produce something so well-written and re-invigorate the devil like that.

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