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March 25 2007

Ron Glass joins Browncoat Cruise. Also, they've dropped the base price by $400 and made autographs and photo-ops add-on extras.

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Ron?! That's a nice incentive.
Ron is a great guy. This is gonna be Sooooo much fun!
2007 is turning out to be a very good year for the fandom so far, imo.
Can you hear it? That laugh booming from one side of the ship to another? I didn't do more than shake his hand at B3 so I am very happy that he has agreed to do this.
OH man its going to be awesome , and 400 bucks drop! that is soooo awesome! I hope people will go to both events now.... I feel like my wallet is not in sooo much pain now :P I mean i paid the deposit, but the total amount would have really hit hard. Now I need to buy the airline ticket hm....

ETA: I just realized both Michael and Ron have joined.. which means we could have a Shan Yu face off competition or something... I mean we all want to know who they REALLY are...(just without the volcano of course).

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This is great news!
I'll say. I think I can afford that "full event" ticket after all.
Has anyone heard if they are still going to change the dates for when payments are due? I thought I had read that somewhere on another thread.
Yeah, they've moved it from April 1st to May, I think.
They still have to get the payment tracking system online, so you can keep track of your balance due when is the next payment, if yo uwant to upgrade options etc. They said that will take a few weeks, so I am sure its beginning of may at least.

It should also be noted that apparently 100 seats have been sold, and that there is a 350 person cap, so 250 tickets left.

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I'm glad of the cap. It'll make the interaction with whatever guests they have a bit more intimate.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting money back since I paid for my ticket in full.

Hopefully, the price drop and the addition of Ron as a BDH guest will be an incentive for more people to sign up.
I hope there are people my age going, because you know, a 24-hour-party is not my lifestyle choice (i.e., I don't have that much energy anymore).
Well I don't think everyone will be partying 24 hours for 5 days hehe. I mean I am 26 and I still plan on getting at least my 7 hours of sleep. Hopefully. And I do not even drink! And I also hope more people will sign up. I can only fly out once(or so i am guessing) and this will be my first really big convention vacation.
Good for you, kurya. I have at least the consolation of knowing that Michael and Ron are way older than me ... not that there's anything wrong with that.
I'm sure that there are a number of older Browncoats going, and I think the cruise will have enough activity and distraction (Mexico!) so that it won't be a 24 drinking party.
Hmmmm... depends on your definition of old LOL. I have a 52 year old body but a young heart. You're as old as you feel. I feel with my fingers, so that makes me TEN :D

And yeah, I'm going too!
What I mean by 24 hour party is that in addition to traditional non-party day activities (panels, food, games, food, autographs, possibily a firefly themed murder mystery during dinner, etc), there will be dancing and fun going all night.

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