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March 25 2007

"Synth" - An Angel/Fray fan comic. Ages and ages ago, along came a most wonderful Smile Time spinoff comic book tale. Now they've done a lovely Angel/Fray crossover story. Enjoy.

I loved the Smile Time comic book tale - and this is another wonderful piece of entertainment. There's such alot of hard work gone into this. The Artwork is especially good.
That was amazing! Even better than the Smile Time spin-off. Incredible work.
Lovely piece of work. I especially liked the cityscapes, her style is really well suited to the contrasting looks of the 'uppers' and warrens, but the writing wasn't half bad either.

Off to read the 'Smile Time' one now, happy Sunday ;).

ETA: Which was also brilliant. "Followed my nose", "Clibe faster", hilarious ;). And beautifully drawn. That poor vamp was on his way to the nut flush too, talk about bad luck.

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Wow! What a great way to start the morning.
Stuff like this is why I love being a fan. It's fab work.
Wow, I'm really impressed. This takes fan fiction to a whole higher level. Great story and great art, thank you so much for the link Simon.
Gotta say, I wasn't expecting that when I clicked. Amazing art and a good story. Makes me wish I could draw and do the same.
Beautiful, beautiful work. Highly recommended.
Thanks for linking that. I remember when the SmileTime one came out back when my computer was too crappy to see it.

I was really happy to be able to finally see it. It was wonderful.
My favorite part was Angel wringing out his arm!

Not familiar with Fray so it didn't wow me as much.

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Really, really just excellent, and totally believable as a crossover. I'm sending this to a web comic friend right away, I think he'll trip out.
It really IS amazing.

But does the last page not fully load for anyone else? :(
That happened to me the first time, I just refreshed the page a couple of times and it loaded/rendered properly eventually.
Haven't read the AtS/Fray one yet, but the Smile Time comic was excellent. My mom actually thought it was better than the Season 8 comics for Buffy. Joss should hire astridv for the Season 6 comics.

ETA: The Fray comic was great too. I like that she chose Gunn as the character to crossover with Angel. I think he's a seriously underrated character.

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Very nice work. I'm curious as to why Gunn's still meant to be around five-hundred-some years in the future, but aside from all that I am, again, impressed.
very nice :). I didn't read the Smile Time issue so I was pleasantly surprised. This same artist did a 'cover' for some terrific fanfiction by Newscaper that you can find on his (Newscaper's) livejournal.
Craig ... Gunn and Angel slipped into a dimensional warp during the battle in the alley in NFA. That's how they both got there. (edited numerous times to try and put the link in there ... I give up ... geez you'd think I could figure it out. sorry)

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Wow. wow. Beautiful. I'm not sure which of the two I like better. Beautiful and funny and incredibly consistent. Color me impressed.
Ahhh. Darn those dimensional warps. (Thanks!)
Absolutely brilliant. The Smile Time one beats the Fray one - just!. The brilliant comic idea behind the Smile Time comic gets it extra points from me.

But the panel in the Fray comic on the top of page 12 - possibly my favourite image in an Angel comic ever - even an official one!

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