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March 25 2007

Blurb about 'The Air I Breathe' at The Tribeca Film Festival. As the blurb says,"quite brilliantly, Sarah Michelle Gellar has the role of Sorrow."

Is that saying she was an inspired choice for the role, or that she did a great job? It's a little unclear, since this isn't a review, it's a promo. I'm hoping that people have seen the movie and she's generating enough buzz that they're putting it in the promo, but we'll have to wait and see.
Either way, I'm intrigued by the film's premise!
Is that saying she was an inspired choice for the role, or that she did a great job?

I think it is a reference to the casting, rather than Gellar's actual performance. She does disconection very well, as shown by the final seasons of 'Buffy' and her films 'The Grudge' and 'The Return'. She should be very good at portraying 'sadness'.

The film is starting to attract attention, probably partly on the back of Forest Whitaker's Oscar.
Forest Whitaker's known for being an outstanding actor who does some intriguing, quirky films. Cheers for SMG if the film gets that kind of attention.
I think that's a great comment; whether it's about her casting or her performance. It's wonderful to see her with a cast like this one.
I'm enthused about this one now. Sounds interesting.
Brendan Fraser is Pleasure? That can only help.
I cannot wait to see this movie. I'm sure Sarah has done an amazing job as Sorrow.
It's really great she landed a major part in a movie like this. This role and Suburban Girl may get her the kind of recognition that will take her to next level. Hope it does. I haven't see her recent movies, but no matter how good or bad they may be, I'd hate to see her typecast as a "scream queen".
Considering how she plays another pop star as Sorrow and following Southland Tales as a porn pop star, I really wish we could have heard her original big number in OMWF out of curiousity.
Hmm, couldn't find anything, even clicking "Tribeca" on left. I believe Hatchet with Mercedes is also opening there, I wonder if anything else with Ourr Olde Gangge is there.

And I hadn't heard any whole numbers were cut from "OMWF." Yah vell.

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