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March 26 2007

Second printing of Buffy #1 out this week. If you couldn't get it the first time round at your local comic book shop, hopefully you'll get a chance this time.

Now with 20% more Jo Chen! I think I'll have to pick this one up.
I'm disappointed that they aren't reprinting the variant cover, that is the one I would like to have. Oh well, soon enough I'll have the 2nd issue to covet.
Yeah. I finally made it to the shop today and was disappointed. This is welcome news for we tardy.
I'm already experiencing withdrawls for the second issue. Here's hoping that these amazing sales continue for the series run.
I went to pick up another issue last week and of course they were out of issue 1. The comic store owner said they ordered six times what they normally order for Buffy comics, which wasn't enough because they sold out in all of their stores in a day. They already have a waiting list for the second printing. It will be interesting to see if the series will hold on to this momentum & continue to sell so well.
Can we just get a print of that cover?
I estimate my chances as pooooooooor.

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