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March 26 2007

Shadow Puppets now has a MySpace page with trailers and pics.

From Director Michael Winnick:

The "myspace" site for Shadow Puppets is finally up and running. If you can let the fans know, that would be great. Thanks!

That title is misleading. There are no puppets in that thing at all. Lots of shadows, but where are the puppets?
I think it's one of those wacky things called "metaphors". Just a hunch.
I got confused, I thought that Brian Lynch and/or IDW had set up a MySpace page for the up-coming comic book series. :(
embers - my mistake too. I was all fired up to see some artwork from Brian Lynch's Spike: Shadow Puppets comics or even some script pages. Better still, one of those series where we see the script for a page, then the same page in pencils, then with inks and then colours and finally letters. Now that would have been cool!

See Brian, *that* would have had shadows AND puppets!

Does it even have ninjas ? Cos you've gotta have ninjas, right ?

I don't have two 'Shadow Puppets' boxes set aside in my brain. Could get confusing.
Looking forward to both the movie and the comic. Can't get enough of either Spike or James, or both, or either, whichever.
What Luvspike said, kinda, sorta, pretty much, well yeah, just about exactly, really.
Hey! Greetings from Spain again. Eeer... When the F.R.E.A.K. will be the movie at theatres? After Brussels' Festival, right? RIGHT???

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