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March 26 2007

Nathan losing battle at "TiFaux Madness: Men Round One". Apparently the captain is a contestant in TiFaux's hottest television men in the running, and he's losing a battle in the tournament ... presumably to win the title of the hottest of the lot.

I'm posting this on behalf of those on the SF Browncoats list who figured it ought to be posted on Whedonesque, to grab the attention of Fillionaires everywhere. =)

And on his birthday, that ain't right... I voted for Nathan, though I love Peter Krause (from Sports Night, haven't watched SFU).
And on his birthday too. Happy Birthday Cap'n.

But, but, but... how can they make us choose between Logan and Spike - that's hard.

And Jewel is also losing in the second round of the Women's one at

Alyson Hannigan is also in there.
And James Marsters is running against.....mmm, somebody.
James, Nathan, and Hugh Laurie all losing? This is a disgrace. What's gotten into these people???
Kaylee beat Starbuck in the first round! That's quite a feat, considering that in this other battle, Starbuck has made it all the way to the title match against the formidable Jack Bauer.
Jewel is in the lead again!
Nathan, Jewel, and Aly are ahead! But Spike's losing. :(
Hmm, Spike vs Logan, there's a match made in heaven.
Making me choose between Aly and Sarah Chalke just isn't fair. I have warm tinglies for both.
I have one question - where's Boreanaz in all this? How come he's not even nominated?
Worse: SMG/Buffy already got eliminated in ROUND ONE! Hmph.
Morena Baccarin? Eliza Dushku? For that matter, considering how bad Nathan wanted Wonder Woman, shouldn't he be on the other side?

Also, how unfair to make us choose snarky petite blondes? Veronica v Buffy is ridiculous.
I agree, Anusien. Veronica and Buffy very easily could have made it to the elite eight, or even final four, on the women's side. Unfair to have them against each other in round 1.
There's just no love for Alan Alda anywhere.

Anyway back to voting, god knows how the actors' careers will cope if they don't win this internet poll at a site no one has ever heard of.
Don't forget that Zac Efron is also in the fray.
Simon, if you're just upset because you aren't there, don't be. You know we'd vote for you in a heartbeat!
How do I choose between Santiago Cabrera and Henry Ian Cusack? :/

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