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March 26 2007

New TNT supernatural series 'Saving Grace', stars verse guest Bailey Chase. He's known to the verse as Riley's buddy Graham. Not only that, James Marsters is scheduled to guest on an episode of the series coming this summer to TNT.

Some information on the series;

"SAVING GRACE One-hour drama series premiering in July.
Holly Hunter makes her television series debut in this edgy, unique drama as Grace Hanadarko, a tormented, fast-living Oklahoma City police detective who, despite having an excellent career in solving crimes, takes self-destruction to new heights. After seeing tremendous tragedy, both professionally and personally, Grace reaches a turning point one night and meets a rough-hewn angel with a similar past who wants to help lead her back to the right path."

More on Marsters role via an email announcement;

The character he will play is: DUDLEY PAYNE - 40-45 years old, handsome, wealthy from oil money, a born salesman, wearing custom-made boots, he owns Payne/Grady Rigging with his best friend, murder victim Bo Grady. While being questioned by Ham, Dudley reveals that due to the recent spate of vandalism, he'd wanted to hire security, but Bo opposed this idea. Seemingly shaken up by Bo's death, Dudley is hiding vital information about their relationship, as well the truth about his relationship with Bo's wife, Bell...GUEST LEAD"

I saw the James Marsters announcement and was really happy at the combination of Holly Hunter and JM, not to mention the fact that the description of the character sounded like something JM had not done before. Another verse actor in this is a plus. Good for Bailey Chase.

Musings: Now I wonder where they are going to be filming, OKC? Seems unlikely, but OKC certainly doesn't look like LA anymore than New Jersey does. Then comes the question, where is Dudley Payne going to be from? ...Because interesting accent possibilities. He is apparently living in OKC, and my OK relatives did have some...interesting...names, but they were all born a hundred years ago. I wonder how common a name Dudley is in OK today. I'm thinking he might be from elsewhere...or not.

Work now.
Very happy to see James doing some guest spots and I love Holly Hunter.
Hope that this is just the first of many TV appearences for James and that a series for him is in the near future. Man...I really miss seeing him on a regular basis.
I love it that "custom made boots" are presumably identifiable. Maybe they are in OKC. Or is it meant as a character trait? Cause I'm pretty sure I couldn't tell the difference between custom made and "stylish yet affordable" myself. Maybe you got to be in the oil biz.

Looking forward to seeing this one, and wondering about the decided increase in new shows with supernatural elements.
Actually I think it is filmed in LA, I came across a casting note for the show in an online trade paper that announces cattle calls for extras and such.
So excited to see JM guest starring. I really miss seeing him and it looks like now with 2 movies coming out and a guest shot, I'll miss seeing him less! Hope he does a lot more, he's so adorable, I'd even watch him on a reality show, that's how adorable he is to me.
"I love it that "custom made boots" are presumably identifiable. Maybe they are in OKC. Or is it meant as a character trait? Cause I'm pretty sure I couldn't tell the difference between custom made and "stylish yet affordable" myself. Maybe you got to be in the oil biz."

My mom used to tell me about some of the custom made boots the newly minted OKC oil millionaires used to wear when she was young. Some of them sounded very recognizable as custom-made even to someone like me. (Do they sell boots off the rack that have a map of Oklahoma on them with the position of each of one's own producing oil wells signified by a diamond?) My guess is, whether it is only pointed out that he is wearing expensive boots or they somehow scream expensive boots, it will be used to say something about the character.
newcj- Wow. I surely would notice footwear that, uh, special.
This made my day!! James in cowboy boots, sounding sinister & possibly with an Oklahoma accent? Pick me up off the floor:)I already had my eye on this show as one to try, because of Holly Hunter. Yippy yay!
Me too Shey!!! James will make a great cowboy...damn I hope they let him have a horse or at least a Caddie with the bullhorns on the front. Sounds like he'll be channeling J.R.
All together now...Yippy Tie Yie Yay!!!!!!! Or whatever cowboy types say.

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