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March 26 2007

Celebrate Nathan (Our Captain) Fillion's birthday today. Happy Birthday Nathan Fillion! You know if Nathan would just ask us to do something...his fans wouldn't have to come up with these celebration ideas on their own. But then some of you remember what happened the first time he asked his fans to do something. So how are you going to celebrate?

Let's see there is Nathan charity stuff you can do: Charity Drive with prizes for Edmonton International Fringe Theatre

There is online voting you can do: Appreciatin' Nathan with a TV_Vote site push for his Birthday

Nathan losing battle at "TiFaux Madness: Men Round One"

You can read his public blogs or add to his birthday wishes if you are his myspace friend: Be one of his over 19000 myspace friends to wish him Happy Birthday!

You can check out his page and see if you believe his second LOST episode is coming up April 4th or not.

Then there is DVD watching.

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I was just thisclose to posting a birthday story for our Captain myself, Anonymous1, but I'm glad you got here first with all the linky fun! Yay Nathan! Yay Nathan's mom, for giving birth to him 36 years ago! Have a wonderful birthday, Mr. Fillion, with a great year ahed filled with successful movies (Waitress for sure, maybe even White Noise 2 in theatres), DRIVE (rockin' promo tonight during 24!), happiness, love, good health and many happy returns! :-D
For our cap'n's birthday, I think he should reveal what his super-secret mind-blowing thing-he's-never-done-before taking place in London is.
billz, and at least one more episode of LOST.

Happy 36th Birthday Nathan! Whoops, should I say Mr. Fillion...

B!X, it's super-secret! I'm hoping he'll at least tell us about it after it happens in April. Maybe he could give us a hint to drive us even more crazy. Yeah, that would be good idea.
Er, maybe not so much on Lost, Anonymous1, at least not on April 4th. There's no indication on Lost sites (which are very good at getting the spoilers, and definitely announced Nathan while I Do was still filming) that he's back. But, I'm sure, some time! :-)
Billz, that new Drive promo during 24 was indeed rockin'! (And funny!)

And anyone interested in donating for the Keep the Fringe Flyin' fund drive (and entering the Wrap-Up Raffle) should know that today, March 27, is the last day to donate as part of this drive!

Happy Birthday Cap'n!
Happy birthday, cap'n!
Happy Birthday Cap'n! Keep flyin'(er, drivin') yerself!
You are the Cap'n, Nathan, and always will be. Happy Birthday! :)
happy birthday captain, hope it's a good one
Happy Birthday, Nathan!
Happy birthday. Myself and my good friend will be celebrating with cake and ice cream while watching Serenity.

I'm Bill Pardy.
I love my Captain

Have a Shiny Day
Happy birthday, Nathan!
Bonne Fete! Monsieur Fillion!!! And I donated what small amount I could afford to the charity. I hope others will too.
Happy birthday, Cap'n! I hope it's a good one, and I'm looking forward to Drive, Waitress, WN:TL, and maybe even another Lost someday. :)
Happy Birthday, Captain!
Many happy returns!
Wishing you chocolate covered kittens for your birthday, Nathan!
Happy Big Damn Birthday!
You're getting old, Nathan. Time to trade in that stick shift for an automatic transmission. Something with cruise control. (grin)
Nebula1400 - got to love those chocolate covered kittens! Although I do find that the ears get stuck between my teeth sometimes.

Oh and happy birthday to our beloved Cap'n!
Happy Birthday, Nathan Fillion...
I wish for you that "Drive" does for your career what "Prison Break" has done for Dominic Purcell---the star of a hit show presently on Fox: Prison Break---who also had a previous show unjustly killed by Fox: John Doe.
happy birthday nathan, have a good one :D
Happy Birthday Nathan!

Hope you are having a great day.
Nebula1400 - got to love those chocolate covered kittens! Although I do find that the ears get stuck between my teeth sometimes.

I don't find that to be so much of a problem. The chocolatey hairballs can get messy, though, especially when they finally dislodge from your throat.
Pleasant image, it's almost enough to put me off eating hair.

Happy birthday El Capitan*, and many more. Keep flyin' and drivin' and being Lostin' and rogue landscape gardening though maybe not all at once. I think there could be safety issues.

* and no that's not a 'nose' reference**.

** which, thinking about it, only a few climbers will understand anyway so it's really not.
Happy birthday, Nathan! May you have the best day ever! :) I'm eagerly awaiting Drive!

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Happy Birthday, Cap'n! Can't wait for Drive!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Ack! Somebody should fix the open-ended italics HTML.
We love our Captain!
A big Happy Birthday, Nathan. May you have Serenity Forever.
I'm going home to kiss my autographed picture of Mal. :)
I think this is the way to solve the italics problem.


Happy birthday, NF.
Happy birthday Captain!
testes? um... nebula1400... i know the captain has manparts but what does manparts have to do witha birthday thread? ;) :P
Done the Nathan charity stuff. Whoo-hoo!
And I entered the contest for the charity stuff too.
Kurya! I fix the italics messing up this thread, and you pick on my purely innocent typo?

Happy Birthday, Nathan. We're relatively sure you have man parts. ;-)

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2007-03-28 05:16 ]
I thought 'Testes' was just a leak from the 'Buffy Subtitle' thread. It has some merit.
Possible (and belated) ways for fans to honour Nathan on his birthday:

- Split your pants up the back
- Request that workmates call you either Bill Pardy or Jason Bateman. Or possibly Quinter.
- Take a punch really well
- Obsess gleefully over new digital technology
- Give Jewel the finger (or as I believe those in the USA say it, 'flip them the bird' <--- wtf is with this expression?)
- Change the front cover of your Casino Royale dvd so it reads 'Casino Royawesome'
- Thank Nathan for that time your assignment on Dutch neo-Calvinism was totally overdue and he stayed up all night helping you finish it and you got an A and your lecturer was all, 'Wow, that was such a great piece of research'
- *insert preferred tragic geek in-joke here*

I should really be in bed.

Happy Birthday, Nathan. We're relatively sure you have man parts.

Best. Birthday Greeting. Ever!
Mythtaken has been reading Nathan's blogs too late at night. Can't remember if all that was in public readable blogs or not.

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