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March 27 2007

New Interview of Jenna Fischer. Another interview where Jenna Fischer speaks glowingly about Joss, with some further insight as to what he contributed to "The Office."

The Joss mention is about 2/3 of the way down the page.

That was a fun interview! Thanks for the link.

Curse you, Jenna! Why are you too married for me?
I was just thinking: *she* is the perfect woman, its *not* Jessica Alba!

I miss The Office. We need a new episode NOW, please.

I loved "The Initiation". I just think it was so perfectly funny. Only 364 days until the next Pretzel Day.
Dude, I need to get the DVDs of The Office. I've seen a handful of episodes--including Joss' ep--and it's great. I don't think anything can ever replace the British version, but this one's doing its own thing and doing it very, very well.

Yup...need to get the DVDs.
"When you do a show in front of a live audience or you do theater, you get feedback, but when you're doing a little show out of Van Nuys, California that's barley on the air, you don't know if you're reaching people so its really fun to just geek out online."

"Barley"! Heehee. Typos are fun. :)

And I'm totally one of her 100,000 myspace friends.
Was the JJ Abrams episode the last one? I'm bummed if it is--been missing it, I have.
I'm officially in love with Jenna.
Q: You're married to James Gunn?
JENNA: That's enough darkness. We often sit at dinner and discuss new interesting ways to kill people.

This was pleasing, because I had no idea that other couples did this. It made me feel connected.
QuoterGal, James Gunn makes horror movies. He kills people for a living.

I...hope you also have a good excuse.
I know that.

We all got our own reasons.

Mine are... artistic. Or rather, aesthetic.

Yeah, that's what I mean. Or something like that, only highly moral, and certainly unselfish.

Is that better? :>
Heh. Just joking with you. If you're going to go out, might as well go out aesthetically.
Jenna is nude in 'Blades of Glory' ? Isn't it PG-13?
Wait, Pam is supposed to look plain? I'm too in awe to notice these things.

(It sort of reminds me of a time when I read an article referring to Tim and Dawn in the UK version as dough-faced. I was like, come again?)
Maybe it started out as 'pasty-faced' got typo'ed as 'pastry-faced' and hence 'dough-faced' ? It's really quite simple and obvious (when you just totally make shit up that is ;).

Mentioned before but my early problem with it was that it was literally remaking the Brit version (the guy who plays Jim especially started out just being Martin Freeman, down to facial expressions) but over the course of the first season they gradually started to assert their own identity. I'm gearing up to watch the 2nd series and it feels much more like it's 'inspired by' the UK Office now.

(and it's not just cos it's this thread and she's gorgeous but I really think Jenna Fischer might be the best of a fantastic bunch on the show. Pam's put-upon and belittled but Jenna somehow still manages to show the little slivers of humour and playfulness that lurk beneath)

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