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March 28 2007

Runaways nominated for a Peach award. Winning the award would make Runaways required reading in the Georgia school system. The first Joss-penned issue is out next Wednesday.

'In the nomination letter, the Co-Chairs explained what this award means, "The purpose of the Georgia Peach Award is to highlight and promote the best current young adult literature for Georgia high school age students, to encourage young adults to read, and to promote the development of cooperative school and public library services for young adults."'

As a Georgian...this blows my mind. I had no idea we could be that progressive.
Well right now the only one up for the award is the first volume, Pride & Joy. So this is before the lesbian & transgender aliens, the blow job reference and the inter-racial relationships. I wonder if they read the other ones?
Ciella: Karolina falls for Nico in the first book (after Nico was kissing Alex) so I'm pretty sure all those themes were obvious to the librarians who nominated the book.

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Embers: True, the theme was there, but there was no actual lip locking until Xavin showed up. Even the almost kiss between Karolina and Nico didn't happen until Xavin's first issue.
I wanna get into Runaways, but I'm not sure where to start. Any suggestions?
I'm right there with you, skeezy. I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, so that would be fantastic if my teacher assigned it!
I wanna get into Runaways, but I'm not sure where to start. Any suggestions?

The Runaways Saga comic was recently released and recaps all the events to date. So either that, or the beginning! You can pick up the trade paperbacks or hard covers in most comic stores of all the issues to date.
IMHO, you must start at the beginning: the conclusion to volume I is fantastic.
I was able to find it at the public library but I quickly realized I wanted to own it so I found the best price at Amazon. The Runaways Saga will catch you up on the bare bones if that is all you want, but these characters are really worth spending time with and getting to know.
Yep, bought and read the Volume 1 Hardback from Amazon and it's a lovely book (and was great value - 18 issues plus extras for only 15 at the time). Got Vol 2 ready to read and then Vol 3 due for release in May I think.

(might get the singles of Joss' run, undecided as of yet)
Everyone should start at the beginning so they don't miss out on anything. If buying the trades isn't an option, there is always the library or plopping down in a chair at Borders and reading it for free.
Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. :)

I've been out of comics for awhile, so what is all this saga/volume stuff? I take it these are anthologies, but on Amazon, vol.2 is not on paperback, while volumes after it *are*. Is the saga thing the same thing as the anthologies that have volume numbers? eek. Apologies if this all sounds stupid, but the last time I was into comics, Todd McFarlane was doing Spiderman.

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themayor: There are trade paperbacks that collect the smaller arcs in the series (about 6 issues in each), those are the paperbacks you see. There are only three hardcovers (the third due out in May I think) that collect about 18 issues each. The Runaways Saga is a single issue that came out in comic book stores last week and sums up what's happened in the entire series. I don't recommend it though, not because it's not good, cuz I think it is, but because you get so much more out of reading the whole series.
This is the first 6-ish issues in paperback.
ThisIs the first 18-ish issues in hardcover. It's up to you whether you want to spend more money on less books or less money on more books.... if that makes sense...

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Ciella--thank you, thank you, thank you, :)
I still don't get all the hubbub about Runaways. I've only read the first volume, but I dunno, I just wasn't impressed. :-\

Still, very cool that a comic book might become required reading. Damn straight. Someone should to this for Maus or something.

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I still don't get all the hubbub about Runaways. I've only read the first volume, but I dunno, I just wasn't impressed. :-

Taste is a funny thing. Some people just don't have it.

(Yes, I am joking.)

Runaways, is just fantastic, however. Deserves every little bit of praise it gets and then some. I just wish it came out more often than once a month. Purchased the first hardcover on a whim over a year ago, and haven't looked back.
I teach high school in GA and I was at the conference where the Peachnet awards were announced yesterday. Runaways didn't make it to #1, but even if it had, the winner is not made "required" reading. But Runaways will surely be in a lot more school libraries and classroom because of the awards.
It must be the time of year, but I read the headline as "Runaways Nominated for a Pesach Award." LOL!!!

(for those of you who don't know 'Pesach' is the Hebrew name for the Jewish holiday of Passover)

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