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March 29 2007

SMG in Batman? Interesting rumour over at a Batman fansite.

Course, if it is true it might end all the Batman Vs Buffy arguments.

Well, since women don't end up too well in those movies, I'm gonna guess I know the outcome!
Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think Maggie Gyllenhaal was ever confirmed. Maybe SMG's the new Rachel Dawes?
I'm going to assume (yes, a dirty word that assume) that Sarah would be taking over from Katie-"No you can't do that film with a famous-handsome actor you can do this one with a best girlfriend and mother figure, and I'll be on the set every day" Holmes as Bruce's girlfriend. Sarah would be a much more complimentary match for Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne as his girlfriend. Or maybe she's Batman's nemesis in a different role? Whatever the case, I absolutely loved Batman Begins so I'm going to hope the rumor is true. Go Sarah!

ETA: Oh darn. Just saw all the crossposts that happened while I wrote that.

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I assume this thread will be deleted because of the site linked to, but for what it's worth, the rumour seems to have started here back in February. I suspect there is no truth to it.
If anyone could find the original info on and provide a link, I would be very grateful. Otherwise this'll go bye bye.

ETA: Found the link, since it's about 6 weeks old, I assume it's out of date.

[ edited by Simon on 2007-03-29 17:17 ]
Simon, the link is here.
Uh...has anyone thought about the possibility that Sarah could be playing Harley Quinn? Cuz if the Dark Knight is gonna going after the Clown Prince of Crime, then "Mr. J" needs his Merry Maid of Mayhem or whatever Harley's nicknames have been.

Actually getting chills - good chills! - from thinking this:D
I would die if Sarah played Harley Quinn, that would be amazing.
Cheers dashboardprophet, I actually found the source of the rumour at the same time you posted it. Great minds think alike and all that.

This seems like a load of waffle, so it may disappear soonish.
Kristen Bell has said that she would kill to play Harley Quinn.
Ooh...two of Joss' ladies are gonna fight to the death for the role of Harley Quinn? there's a rumour to pass around;D
Not so much to the death but fight ? Hmm, there could be oil of some kind involved ;).

SMG would be great as Harley, she could do the pre-breakdown serious Doctor and the murderously wacky sidekick with ease (but so could Kristen Bell).
Or just to, you know, stir the waters, SMG could be the new Catwoman and KB could be Harley Quinn.

And uh Saje? Oil? LOL, you made my day...and probably my night too!
Kristen Bell has said that she would kill to play Harley Quinn.

And I would kill to see Kristen Bell play Harley Quinn.
I love the idea of SMG playing Harley Quinn. To bad this is all just rumours.
Even if it's a rumour, I really think it would be mighty interesting to have Sarah as the pre-obsession/breakdown Harley (aka Dr. Harleen Quinzel) and have the film show her fall to insanity through her contact with Heath Ledger's Joker. Maybe a final scene with her putting on the harlequin costume for the first time...;D

I like Kristen Bell, but I think that SMG is better suited toward the proposed idea since Harley is old enough to have gotten an MD and done specialization work for psychiatry, so I feel that Kristen's a tad too young. I mean, one of the complaints for Katie Holmes was that she seemed too young to be an ADA.
Ah, that's a good point re: the age thing BlueEyedBrigadier, not that SMG looks old but she looks old enough, whereas Ms Bell still (just) convinces as a teenager. Yep, of the two, SMG narrowly edges it.

And uh Saje? Oil? LOL, you made my day...and probably my night too!

Yikes, too much information ! ;-). I blame that Whedon fella, he's a lot to answer for.
Interesting that this rumour turned up on Australian radio this morning as I was driving to work...

I'd love it if SMG was in The Dark Knight - because she needs a decent movie and a good director to rescue her from remakes of Japanese horror movies. Even if it's not a major role... but, wow, a villain could be great!

I doubt they'll squeeze another villain in, though. We've already got The Joker and Harvey Dent...
I'd like to see either SMG or Kristen Bell in the Harvey Quinn outfit so I'm all for it.
Man I would be thrilled to see SMG in Batman but then I'd be happier to see her reprise her role as Buffy. :)
Whatever happens, more Sarah is always a great thing. She looks great right now too.
Dunno, I think Ms. Bell could look quite a bit older with different hair. I think it'd work.
*hops on the SMG as Harley bandwagon!*
She'd be perfect. Even as Batman.

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