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March 29 2007

Mark Sheppard talks to IGN about his guest role on BSG. An excellent article/interview over at IGN with Firefly's Badger, with lots of insight into probably the most interesting new character of season 3 ( Spoilers for all episodes up to, but not including, the season finale).

I'm surprised this hasn't been posted before.

can the link get updated to point to the first page of the article, perhaps?
Tis done. I've removed the spoiler tag since season 3 has finished airing in the States but added your spoiler warning to the subject line.
He did a great job with that role. It was one of the better additions to the battlestar cast.
I hope they bring him back.
I hope he comes back, but given the breadth and depth of the BSG cast, as long as his return isn't at the expense of regulars. That said, some characters needed to fade into the background while the trial went on... because the focus was on Baltar and Lee and Adama and Roslin. And other people. If you've seen the finale, you know what I mean.

An excellent season finale.
He was frakking brilliant as Romo. I do hope some future plot calls for his return...
True dat, my twin UnpluggedCrazy! ;-)
Great interview, thanks for that. Sheppard was excellent, and it isn't easy to stand out on this show, the regulars are all such powerful characters and fine actors. I love that he's such a fan & that so are a lot of his actor friends. And I love hearing first hand stuff about how committed to this show the actors are, how much they care about their characters. Only downside is that the whole tone of commitment and love for the show and mutual respect amongst all concerned, reminds me so much of BtS, and how much I miss it. *sniffle*

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